HNW-MRE-405 6D Hair Extension (1st & 2nd Generation) 3rd generation is coming soon...

6D Hair extensions are the newest extension method on the market today, which can be done in 20 mins. Using newfound technology, this method doesn’t require heat or glue.

  • Hair type: 100% Human Hair
  • Hair Quality: Virgin hair, Remy hair, machinery Remy hair, non-Remy hair
  • Hair Length: 12-30 inches
  • Hair Colors: Jet black to blond, ombre colors, mixed colors & more. (Please download our Color Chart or Contact for custom colors.)
  • Weight: 100g/pack (or made as per your requirements)
  • 1st Generation with 10 pins per row/ 2nd generation with 5 pins per row

If you need to purchase the 6D machine together with the 6D hair extension, please ask our customer service team. We are happy to assist you at any time.

hair specification

Haneway Hair Extension Color Chartcolor chart 2

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Hair extension length guide

6D Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Hairstyling has always been a part of fashion but doing it can be a real challenge. With hair extensions, you can pick whatever style you want.

You can have hair extensions in any method like tape-in, clip-in, sew-in, and so on. Recently, 6D hair extensions have become popular as it is less time-consuming but effective in many ways.

Have some questions in mind about 6D hair extensions? No worries, you will find all of your answers here! 

What are 6D hair extensions?

6D stands for six-dimension and 6D hair extensions is a method of applying for hair extension. It involves a 6D hair extensions machine that can attach six separate hair extensions at a time.

The process is super-fast like you can put on 6 extensions in the time of 1. It is also low-maintenance and keeps your hair safe from chemical use.

6D Hair extension

It comes in several strands of hair.

How are 6D hair extensions made?

The 6-dimension hair extension is a method of hair extension installation. It is made by using some strands of hair together. 

6D hair is made of cuticle hair that is the highest quality hair so the hair will remain beautiful for a long time. The system is simple, efficient, and safe as it doesn’t need to use chemicals, heat, or clips.

The hair is collected from the 6D hair extension vendors. They collect human hair from different countries and sell it to the 6D hair extensions manufacturers. 

6d hair extension 2

It is always best to use real human hair for extensions to get the shine of natural hair. Haneway is a renowned 6D hair extension manufacturer and supplier.

All the 6D hair extensions in Haneway Hair Extensions are made of 100% human hair. The quality is highly maintained for hair extensions in Haneway.

What type of hair is used for making 6D extensions?

You can find 6D extensions in both human and synthetic hair. 6D hair extensions are more durable than any other extensions so, it is recommended to use 100% real human hair extensions. 

In many countries, people deliberately cut their hair sell it for a cost to the vendors. The 6D hair extension suppliers get the real human hair from the vendors for making 6D extensions.   

6d hair extension supplier

Double dawn extensions and cuticle-aligned hair both can be found in 6D extensions. You can get Virgin, Remy, machinery Remy, and non-Remy 6D extensions from Haneway.

Mostly, you can see that 6D hair extensions are pre-bonded. This makes the hair extension process easier and you can focus on the installation process alone.

Can 6D hair extensions be made of real human hair?

Yes, 6D hair extensions can be made of real human hair. Experts suggest using real human hair for every extension including 6D. 

Many different sources in different countries collect real human hair and sell it to 6D hair extension suppliers or manufacturers. 

6d human hair

Haneway is the top-class brand for selling 100% real human hair. You will find the 6D hair extensions there are also made of human hair.

Are 6D extensions reusable?

Yes, 6D hair extensions are reusable. It is most likely a permanent solution that lets you fall asleep with it. You don’t need to take it off and then apply it to your hair. 

The seamless application of 6D hair extensions makes sure you can use them for a very long time without damaging your real hair. 

How much do 6D extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions depends on the length, quality type, and color you want to have.

6D hair extensions are affordable in price and low maintenance. The maintenance fee will depend on how your stylist charge.

6d hair stylist

Is 6D hair extension profitable for doing business?

Yes, a 6D hair extension is profitable if you are willing to do business. Hair extensions are up on the trend for several years, you can get some profit through them. 

6d hair

The hair extension industry is growing and now is the time you should start. The fashion industries are now global which allows you to earn profit worldwide. 

As long as people are more implicated to walk with the trend the demand for 6D hair extensions will increase. Custom your 6D hair extensions and become a 6D hair extensions wholesaler for good.

What are the methods of applying for 6D hair extensions? How long does it take?

6D hair extensions process is different from the usual hair installation process. You don’t need to install it by hand rather it requires a 6D hair extensions machine for implementation.

The application process of the 6D hair extensions method includes 4 items including an install machine, plastic comb with 10 metal tubes, removal pliers, and 6D cuticle hair.

6D hair extensions are getting popular because of many reasons. It is less time-consuming, stays longer, and doesn’t have any negative reaction on hair are the reasons behind the popularity.

6d machine

It is the quickest method to implement permanent hair extensions that take around 20 to 30 minutes for the entire process. The steps of 6D hair extensions comprise with:

  1. Pull out of a small layer to cover the top of the head
  2. Segment a small section of hair of 5cm width and 0.5 to 1cm thick, far from the scalp 
  3. In the 6D hair extensions machine, toggle the button to open the section, insert the 6D hair extensions, and place it on the hair gun into the small sections of hair in the head. 
  4. Make sure the hair is placed evenly on the slot, close to the scalp, and press and hold. Pull out the plastic card of the hair extensions slowly and clamp. 
  5. Then put the plastic at the upper part of the machine and hold it strongly.
  6. Once it is pressed, the clamps will break the plastic. Remove it. Everything will be invisible and you can see a seamless blend in your hair.

For best results, it is better and safer to take the help of a professional hairstylist for getting 6D hair extensions done.

How to remove 6D hair extensions?

You can remove 6D hair extensions as well whenever you want. To remove it, the solution also comes with the 6D hair extensions machine. 

The tool comes with a removal plier that has been designed to remove the glue from the natural hair easily. Once the glue is removed, it will break the bond and the extensions will slide off.

remove 6d hair

Taking professional help for 6D hair extensions removal is recommended as well because it may get messy throughout the process.

How long does a 6D hair extension last?

6D hair extensions are made of the highest quality hair is cuticle hair. With proper care, it can last from 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for the majority of hairstylists. It needs to adjust by a stylist every certain period.

6D hair extensions are the safest application method for hair extensions. It is highly popular due to its faster installation speed, high endurance, and quick removal process. 

6d hair 1 generation


How to take care of 6D hair extensions?

Aftercare of 6D hair extensions is important if you want to stay it nicely for longer. As it is made of 100% human hair, maintenance like that will enhance its durability. 

It is recommended not to wash it for around 48 hours after the extension has been done. It needs time to sit and fall naturally with real hair.

6d hair care

Once the initial period ends, remember to keep the extensions clean, soft, and tangle-free. Comb hair regularly and detangle it before washing. Try not to get conditioner near the bonds.

It is better to air dry your hair but you can also use a hairdryer. You can talk to the experts or professionals about the aftercare instructions.   

Can you apply color on 6D hair extensions?

Yes, you can. As 6D hair extensions are made of human hair so you can put color and style according to your wish just like you can do to your natural hair. but there are other cases that which the hair quality type is not allowed to be dyed. So please ask your supplier before you do so.

Always remember to take good care of your hair extension to make it last longer with the same shine as you have it on the first day.

color 6d hair

Haneway sells the best 6D hair extensions in China. A range of colors, such as Jet black to blond, ombre colors, mixed colors are available. You can download their color chart for customization.

What are the pros and cons of 6D hair extensions?

6D hair extensions have many advantages. Here are some reasons that 6D extensions have popularity. The pros are:

  • Low maintenance: 6D hair extensions are low maintenance. It gives you a minimum overhead cost without requiring a regular visit to the salon. You can take proper care from home.
  • Faster apply and remove: The process of the extension takes around 20 to 30 minutes which is faster compared to the other extension methods. The removal process is also easy as you need to pop the microbeads.
  • Long-lasting: 6D extensions last longer from four months to a maximum of a year. It depends on the quality of the hair and it stays longer according to other hair extensions. 

6d hair model

Not everything is perfect so 6D hair extensions may have some flaws but those are viable for any hair extension options. 

As it has so many positive sides, getting an extension done using this method can be a bit expensive compared to the other extensions. So, the cost can be a con but if you consider the quality and durability, it is worthy of the expanse.

The 6D hair extension machine grabs a little amount of hair at a time during application. This can be a little frustrating but it helps to ensure your hair is protected.


Can 6D hair extensions be used permanently?

The key benefit of 6D hair extensions is the fact that they can be used as permanent hair extensions. It doesn’t have any clip or anything so you can sleep with it without any discomfort.

You can get permanent length and volume to your hair with 6D hair extensions. Besides, with proper care, your hair will remain healthy without the need for tapes or harmful chemicals.

6d hair cons

While getting the extension done, keep it a bit far away from the scalp so your hair can grow without any restriction. For a long time use and a visible hair growth, you can see the difference.


Where to buy 6D hair extensions from? How to find a 6D hair extension manufacturer?

If you are stepping into the hair extension business, you need to source it first. For that, you must choose ethical sourcing and renowned brands to ensure quality material.

You can source it from direct manufacturers or suppliers or wholesalers. Before that, you need to do some effective research on this sector.

While thinking of buying 6D hair extensions, you need to consider the quality first. Make sure the 6D hair extensions vendor you choose is selling human hair extensions.

For business, it is always better to source 6D hair extensions from the 6D hair extensions manufacturer. Check the 6D hair extensions branding. By this, you will get to know what type of hair they are using and make sure the quality is not compromised.

Research over the internet to find manufacturers. You can contact Haneway as it is one of the best 6D hair extensions manufacturer in China.

6d hair extension 1

You can also take it from 6D hair extensions suppliers as well but always check on the quality of the hair. If needed do some examination on the hair to verify if it is real human hair. 

Nonetheless, you can get it from a 6D hair extensions wholesaler as well. There are many e-commerce B2B portals, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, DHgate, Doris Beauty, and so on.

What are the essentials kits and machines for 6D hair extensions? From where can you get those?

6D hair extensions require some essential kit. The kit includes 4 items 6D hair extensions machine, 6D cuticle hair, a plastic comb with 10 metal tubes, and pliers to remove the extensions from the head.

You can get the extension kits from the 6D hair tool suppliers. Various shopping websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. have some vendors selling the 6D hair extensions machine and other tools. 

6d machine 1

It may cost as low as $150 to $500 for the best quality ones. The kits are required for the service providers so you may have them too as they are also on your target customer list.

How do you market 6D hair extensions to attract your target customer?

To attract your target customer, you need to do proper 6D hair extensions branding. The first step is to custom your 6D hair extensions with catchy packaging with your 6D hair extensions private label.

In your 6D hair extension private label, put all the necessary information. Also include information to reach out to you.

Make incredible packaging for the 6D hair extensions and create your brand identity as a 6D hair extensions supplier in the market.

6d hair 2

Apply modern marketing tactics, implement digital marketing, if possible social media marketing. Regularly post blogs and share to make them visible.

Promote your 6D hair extensions branding and invest money in the advertisement so you can reach your target customers. 

To increase sales, you can also sell posts about the 6D hair extensions machine. Maybe make an exclusive package for both 6D hair extensions and tools for your customers.

Who is the target market of 6D hair extensions? How do you know that the market you are in is good for 6D hair extensions?

As a 6D hair extensions wholesaler or supplier, your target market for 6D hair extensions can be the local stores that sell hair care products and have expertise in this. 

You can also target various online platforms, physical stores like hair salons, retail shops, beauty shops, and so on. You can directly sell 6D hair extensions to the hairstylists as well.

Even some hair clinics, specialty stores, and fashion stores can be major sales partners for 6D hair extensions. 

Always promote your brand with 6D hair extensions private label so that others know who you are and can look for you. They are also your target market.

You can consider online to sell the extensions. For that, you can have your website or you can sell from online stores like Amazon, Aveda, House of Beauty, or any local online store.

6d hair salon

Figure 17: Haircare in the hair salon

When you get a positive response and more than one sale every day, this is how you know that you are in the correct market. The demand for hair extensions is already high.

The 6D hair extension method is gaining popularity because of its speedy application process, long-term usability, easy removal process, and perfect for a permanent solution.

The upward trend for 6D hair extensions will let you earn good money when you apply the correct marketing strategy including your 6D hair extensions private label. 

Any more questions?

Hope all the questions will be helpful to get a brief knowledge about 6D hair extensions that you will need before getting started a business. 

Let us know if you have any questions in mind. We will try our level best to give your answer about 6D hair extensions. 

In Haneway, we will assist you to establish your 6D hair extensions business and will try to assist you in this regard.

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