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Your Reliable Clip In Hair Extensions Manufacturer in China

Haneway is an honest manufacturer of clip-in hair extensions and wigs in China. We offer both ODM & OEM services for salons, wholesalers, and distributors.

Experienced Hair Extension and Wig Factory

Haneway Hair Extension is your incomparable hair extension and wigs manufacturer in China in terms of the quality of products and its flexibility to fit your need for your business. We are a professional manufacturer in this beauty industry.

  • Certified and approved hair extension manufacturer
  • One-stop solution for your hair extension business
  • Private label service provided for your business
  • Quick response and professional team to support you in a timely manner

Send us your need for your business, we will give you the best hair extension and wig solution based on your detailed requirement.

beige blonde

Any weight, color, texture can be customized for your need

natural blonde clip

From dark color to very light blonde, you can see all the possibility here.

ash brown clip

No matter how many piece  you want in a clip in hair set, we can make it

natural red

Pu clip in hair extension is a new fashion trend. More comfortable and lightweight.

bronde balayage

You can combine any colors with different color effects, like piano, ombre, balayage and mixed.


Piano color effects are also a fabulous choice for your clients. Haneway can make any color effects.

ash brown highlights

One-Piece Clip hair extension is a convenient way to add some volume.

chestnut brown

The length of the weft can be customized like the number of clip also.

ash blonde clip

From color #60 to #1001, any shade can be done perfectly by Haneway.

beach weave clip in

No matter straight or wavy, your requirement can be met in Haneway.

beach blonde clip in

Natural wavy is a very popular texture for clip in hair extension.

rooted highlight clip in

Haneway makes sure every color effect is up to your expectation.

dark brown bang

The clip-in bangs are very easy to use and take off, which is a best-seller also.

blonde bang

100% human hair clip in bangs can be any color for your clients

strawberry berry

Add this clip in bangs onto your selling list is a good choice.

Haneway: Your Reliable Hair Extensions and Wigs Supplier in China

Haneway is a China-based manufacturer with years of experience in producing tape in hair extensions and other hair extension products, such as wigs, hairpieces. We are dedicated to offering our clientele lots of options in the tape in hair extensions market, making sure to be a one-stop supplier of tape in hair extensions.

Haneway can make various kinds of hair extension products for you. These include weft hair extension, tape-in hair extension, clip-in hair extension, keratin/pre-bonded hair extension, micro-ring hair extension, halo hair extension, ponytail hair extension, lace wig with mono top, Jewish wig, lace closure, lace frontal, and so on. 

We have different level qualities of raw hair for your selection including Remy hair, Machinery Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.  The quality of raw hair and the ratio of your hair extension product will affect the price of the product. According to your need for your hair extension business, you must be able to find the best solution from Haneway.

From different colors, textures, weights, and lengths, we all can customize for you, also include the private label service to help you build up your own brands (free packaging design).  Our full capacity for hair extensions can give you a one-stop solution so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers.

Send us an inquiry now, we will respond with a perfect hair extension product.

clip in hair extension specification

Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Clip-in Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Get all the answers you need to your clip-in hair extension queries right here. We’ll answer everything from what a clip-in hair extension actually is, to where and how these awesome products are manufactured.

What is a Clip In Hair Extension?

In Haneway, Clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair which are sewed into the weft and then attached to small clips for easy application. Various colors and lengths of clip-in hair extensions are available for those who want to customize their look and add volume, length, or variety to their natural hair.

clip in hair extension

Why Do People Prefer to Use Clip In Hair Extensions as Opposed to Other Attachment Options?

Clip-in hair extension manufacturers have designed their products for easy application. People who use clip-in hair extensions choose them for the sake of convenience. That’s because you can apply the clip in hair extension yourself at home.

How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last?

If you take good care of your clip-in hair extensions, they can last anywhere between 6-18 months. This will also depend on the quality of the product as well as your own maintenance. The best quality clip-in hair extension can last a very long time with proper use and storage.

Can Clip In Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair?

If applied properly, clip-in hair extensions will not cause any damage to your natural hair. In fact, clip-in hair extensions are safer than other attachment varieties. That’s because there’s no heat or glue required for attachment.

How Does Someone Properly Care for a Clip In Hair Extensions Piece?

If you wear your clip-in hair extensions more than once a week, washing should be done weekly. But any clip-in hair extension vendor will advise you to use your discretion depending on how often you use them. The rule of thumb is usually one wash for every 7 days of use.

When washing your clip-in hair extensions, avoid scrunching them up. Instead, lather them while stretched out, and rinse gently.

How Should I Attach Clip In Hair Extensions to My Natural Hair?

If you’re attaching clip-in hair extensions yourself, here’s a quick guide on how to do so.

          First, decide where you want each clip in hair extensions piece to go on your head

          Lift the natural hair above the placement spot, tie it up, and clip in the hair extension to the bottom part of your              division

          If necessary, use a curling iron to ‘blend’ your natural hair with the pieces

          Untie the rest of your hair and arrange natural & clip in hair extensions hair to look as natural as possible.

clip in hair extension

Are The Clip In Hair Extensions Painful to Wear?

Clip-in hair extension manufacturers have designed their products to cause minimal pain during application. Clip-in hair extensions are also very non-invasive and will remain comfortable if applied correctly.

Some people have complained about clip-in hair extensions being painful or damaging their hair. But this is usually either low-quality products or hair extensions that have not been attached correctly.

Where Can I Buy Clip In Hair Extensions Close to Me?

You can easily find a clip-in hair extension vendor near you. Retailers often sell them, as well as hair salons that stock clip-in hair extensions for their clients.

Here’s a list of where you can find clip in hair extensions if you are sourcing small quantities locally:

          Retail stores


          Hair salons

          Clip-in hair extensions suppliers (online)

But if you want to be a medium to a large-scale reseller, it’s best to purchase your clip-in hair extensions directly from China.

How Natural Do Clip In Hair Extensions Look?

Applied correctly, clip-in hair extensions look very natural. Once they are attached, you can arrange, style, and even iron or curl all your hair as one unit. This will help you to present your clip in hair extensions as a blended style with your natural hair.

Where is the Hair Sourced for Clip In Hair Extensions and is it Sourced Ethically?

Clip-in hair extension manufacturers source their hair ethically from people who have voluntarily cut their hair. Corporations like clip in hair extension China companies often source their hair directly from China or India. Most of this hair is derived from hair thinning collection skills.

What is the Process for Customizing Clip In Hair Extensions with Private Labeling?

There are two ways the clip-in hair extensions manufacturers can custom your clip-in hair extension.

          Customize the clip in hair extensions with different colors, lengths, weights, textures.

          also we can custom your clip in hair extension packaging with your brand name and logo.

These are options you can select when ordering from a clip-in hair extension wholesaler or manufacturer.

Clip In Hair Extension Customization 

Clip-in hair extension manufacturers can produce the clip in hair extension with different weights, colors with different color effects like piano, mix, and ombre, lengths from short to long, texture from straight to curly. Anything fits your client’s need. Haneway can make it for you.

Clip In Hair Extension Package Branding

If you wish to add your brand name and logo to clip in hair extensions, ask for the packaging of said products to be branded accordingly. This can be easily done by most clip-in hair extension manufacturers. Well-designed packages normally have minimum order quantity. Drop a message to ask our hair extension guru today. Contact us today.

clip in hair extension

Can Clip In Hair Extensions Be Adjusted?

You can shift, style, rearrange or adjust your clip in hair extensions as much as you like. But for the sake of convenience, it’s best to arrange your clip-in hair extensions the way you want them from the get-go. That’s because rearranging can be a lengthy process if you’re doing it yourself.

Who Supplies Bulk Orders of Clip in Hair Extensions?

The best clip in hair extension China company is definitely Haneway. This clip in hair extension wholesaler has stood as a leading expert and supplier for decades. Haneway continues to dominate the clip in hair extensions suppliers market across the globe.

In terms of delivery, quality, value, cost, and expertise, Haneway is definitely the go-to clip in hair extension wholesaler and manufacturer for most clip in hair extensions suppliers.

Can I Order Custom Colors of Clip in Hair Extensions?

There is a large variety of color options for clip-in hair extensions. You can ask your clip-in hair extension vendor for extensions that match your natural hair color. Alternatively, you can ask for a color variation that adds a highlighted blend to your natural hair. Professional consultation from the clip-in hair extension manufacturer is a must.

clip in hair extension

If you own a salon, order various colors of clip-in hair extensions. This will help you to give clients more options when they visit your salon. Having different lengths and colors is a sure way to attract more clients to your salon, or more customers to your retail outlet.

Are There Length Variations for Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions come in various lengths. There is certain to be a length and style suited to your needs or the needs of your clients when you buy from a clip-in hair extension wholesaler. Clip-in hair extension China suppliers produce all variants of clip-in hair extensions mostly from 10″ up to 26″. All you need to do is specify in your order what lengths you require.

Who Would Be the Perfect Person to Wear Clip In Hair Extensions?

Anyone who wants to add a new dimension to their current hairstyle is perfectly suited to clip-in hair extensions. Because these products are easy to supply, people can approach their hair salon or clip-in hair extension vendor for a variety of products. It is easy and convenient for your clients to attend various events or different special occasions.

brial hair

Who Would Place Large Orders of Clip In Hair Extensions?

If you own a salon or manage a retail outlet, it’s a great investment to order bulk clip-in hair extensions. You can contact trusted clip-in hair extension manufacturers and place an order for any quantity. This is usually done by:

          Retailers that deal in hair and hair care products

          Salon owners who want to provide their clients with more options

          Any company that desires to own a custom clip in hair extension private label range

Can I Order My Clip in Hair Extensions with Custom Branding?

Placing a bulk order from a company like Haneway means you can ask for custom branding. Clip-in hair extension branding is a great way to purchase high quantities at a low price. Plus, you’ll have your own clip-in hair extension private label attached to the product. The specific situation needs to consult with our professional team. Contact us today.

Does Custom Branding for Clip In Hair Extensions Cost a Lot More?

Adding clip in hair extension branding will include a nominally small surcharge to any order. A clip in hair extension China company like Haneway will charge you a fair price for branding when you order larger quantities.

Will I Pay Less for Bulk Orders of Clip In Hair Extensions?

The higher the quantity you order from clip-in hair extensions suppliers, the less you will pay per unit. This also works out cheaper when you order clip-in hair extension branding with your order. That’s because the branding process is usually a once-off cost that applies to all units.

How Long Does Shipping Take for an Order of Clip In Hair Extensions to the US? or Most of Regions Around the World?

Shipping of large orders from a clip-in hair extension wholesaler may vary on the size of the order and the state you are ordering from. Usually, you can expect your order to arrive within 4-6 days. The exact shipping days will depend on the shipping speed of the freight company.

What Does Shipping Cost for an Order of Clip In Hair Extensions?

You will need to ask your clip in hair extension manufacturers how much shipping will cost based on the following criteria:

          The size of your order (weight)

          The method of shipping

          The state you reside in

          The urgency of your order

Once your clip-in hair extensions supplier has this information, you and he/she will get a better idea of the shipping cost.

How Much Do Clip In Hair Extensions Cost?

Prices vary from one clip in hair extension vendor to another. The lower-cost items can range between $90 – $100. The higher-end clip hair extensions cost around $350 – $400.

The price of any retail store or salon will depend on which clip-in hair extensions suppliers were bought from. The quantity they keep in stock will also affect the price.

Should I Order My Bulk Clip In Hair Extensions Directly from China?

Haneway is a clip-in hair extensions manufacturer in China. This is the best way to get your clip-in hair extensions at a competitive price if you wish to become a reseller. The quality from this clip-in hair extensions manufacturer comes at a high value, but at a price, that’s fair and manageable.

How are Clip in Hair Extensions Manufactured?

The clips to these extensions are fastened on by machine en mass. This is why clip in hair extension China companies are able to produce so many clips in hair extensions in a short period of time. They already have the stock and the means to manufacture fast. All you have to do is place the order you want.

Where is Clip in Hair Extensions Produced?

Many of the high-quality clip-in hair extension suppliers are based in China. This allows resellers to sell their clip-in hair extensions at a reasonable price. Clip-in hair extension branding is also cheaper when ordered directly from China, and Haneway is a perfect example of this.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about purchasing clip-in hair extensions China companies sell in bulk, don’t hesitate to ask us. There may be some questions you have that are not covered here, and we’d be happy to assist you with any and all of your clip-in hair extensions needs.





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