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Haneway only manufactures high-end hair extension products, thanks to quality control at each point in the production process. That’s why we can guarantee your clients will love the products!

Need custom solutions, branding, and packaging? We can help with it all!

Protect your business by partnering with the leading hair extension manufacturer in China, now distributing across the globe.

hand tied weft hair extension

A soft thin extension, offering the best in comfort thanks to delicate webbing and being hand braided.

flat weft hair extension

The least bulky option, making it an even better option than sew-in or machinery wefts.

machinery weft hair extension

A combination of advanced machinery and safe glue results in soft but strong extensions that won’t shed.

PU skin weft hair extension

A knotless weft ensures it’s not visible once it’s in place. Silk prevents PU from breaking if you do replacements.

Micro bead weft hair extension

The #1 option when a client with fine hair needs volume and secured attachment.

Ultra tip hair extension

Impress clients with reusable extensions that won’t become damaged.

I Tip Hair Extension

Help clients with thinning hair find the perfect solution. Each strand is applied separately and requires no glue or heat. Easy to remove.

V tip hair extension

You’ll find the hair tips bonded in a V-shape with the help of keratin. A flat, invisible extension that’s easily taken out.

Flat tip hair extension

Licensed stylists must apply these extensions that have quality keratin tips. Heat up the tip to mold it around the natural hair.

keratin hair extension

The name comes from the U-shape of the extension. Heat it in order to apply it to the hair.

micro ring hair

Instead of using a braid, heat, or glue, simply thread the extension in by using some of the natural hair.

nano ring

Compared with the micro ring, 90% smaller rings make them more discreet and easy to blend in with natural hair.

Soft Tip hair extension

Clients are guaranteed a secure fit and comfort and they work better for those with sensitive scalps.

Pu Clip In Hair Extension

A design that offers fewer visibility thanks to a seamless PU clip-on that will lie flat against the head.

Regular Clip In Hair Extension

Offer clients a product that’s easy to use. The weft contains tiny clips, making them simple to hide under your hair.

#27_613 tape on hair extension

A semi-permanent pre-taped hair extension product, containing 1 inch wide medical-grade adhesive.

injection tape on

The new product on today’s market! So easily hidden and lightweight. Hair just looks like growing out of the scalp.

micro tape on hair extension

Enjoy the ease of using the tape extensions are known for, while clients benefit from the flexibility.

halo hair extension

Avoid weaves, clips, glue, and tape but still, offer your clients length or volume. Halo is also a good choice for your client.

ponytail hair extension

The easy solution to provide your clients with a classic look that is trendy.

ziplox hair extension

Without using sewing, adhesive, weaves, tape or glue, you can offer clients accessories for more length and volume.

hair bulk

Give clients the opportunity to make their own custom weft hair extensions. Sell them a hair bundle containing no weft, so their creativity can run wild.

Fringe Bang

No need for clients to cut hair if they’re not sure if they want bangs. Simply add these clips for a new look.

full lace wig#6:613

We sell wigs of various sizes, to suit any client’s head. Types include lace front wigs, full lace and some others your clients will love.

Haneway—The Curly Hair Extension Wholesale Manufacturer in China that Helps You Beat the Competition and Keep Clients Smiling

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, you need the best in the business on your side. After almost 20 years in the business, Haneway understands the market. We developed a supply chain that gives you exactly what you need to optimize your company’s outcomes, whether you’re managing a salon or running a wholesale business.

From Haneway you’re guaranteed:

  • All-in-one solutions: We produce hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, hair accessories, but also help our clients with many other popular products in these niches, such as false eyelashes, mannequins. Save time and money by using one vendor for all your needs.
  • Quality: We source quality hair and manage a manufacturing process that only delivers the best.
  • Product variety: From weft hair extensions to clip-ins and ponytail hair extensions, Haneway manufactures it all. Multiple colors and textures are available.
  • Service: We’re available 24/7 and provide expert advice based on our years of expertise.
  • Custom options: We help our clients build their businesses with innovative options, such as a private label service, packaging design, custom products, and drop shipping.

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on getting you the best products.

What do you need? Let’s talk.

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color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Curly Hair Extension Wholesale- FAQ Guide

Curls are the most sophisticated hair texture that someone can have regardless of the most amazing look that you want. Which makes it highly demanding for hair extensions.

Curly hair extension wholesale can be a great business option. You can make money with it because the popularity of it is increase throughout the years.

If you want to start a business, now is the time and this FAQ guide will help you to understand the basics. You can get assistance from Haneway Hair Extension, to begin with.

Why would you choose a curly hair extension wholesale business?

The hair extension business is booming as the demand is increasing. It is projected that the growth will be 8.71% by 2028.

The rise in CAGR is attributed to the market demand and growth which has been triggered since the pandemic over. It shows that you are on the right track to initiate a wholesale business.

Figure 1: Curly hair extensions

The demand for curly hair extensions is also growing. If you can promote your brand then you can surely earn profits doing curly hair extension wholesale business.

For getting a curly hair extension wholesale supplier, you can get in touch with Haneway for full support.

What are the types of curly hair that you can stock up for business?

There are four types of curly hair extensions that you can stock up for your wholesale business. Based on the style, versatility, length, and volume you should have wefts, clip-ins, i-tips, or wigs.

Wefts are the best options as it remains sewn with your existing hairline and adds density and length. I-tips give versatility but it requires gluing up with a machine to your natural hair.

Figure 2: Dark brown curly hair

Clip-ins are easy to install because they can be worn and taken off whenever necessary. Wigs are good for a protective style for self-installation.

Whichever you want to choose, get all from Haneway. You can place your order and get it in time.

How would you match the curl pattern with the client’s hair?

To give out the right extension, you need to determine the curl pattern. For more customer satisfaction, you can have a curl pattern chart so your clients can watch and buy.

The curl patterns are recognized as 2A-2C, 3A-3C, and 4A-4C. It would be helpful for you to do business if you have a clear idea regarding the curl patterns and types.

Figure 3: Match the extension with your curls

You can keep testers or samples so your customers can pay a visit to your store and find the perfect match. This will give them the flexibility to choose and increase your sales with a good recommendation.

What plans do you need to establish your curly hair extension wholesale business?

To establish your curly hair extension wholesale business successfully, the first thing you need is to have a full-proof plan. Here are some tips regarding the curly hair extension wholesale business plan:

  • Set a goal: It is imperative to set a goal so that you have a clear focus on where you need to reach. Make the details of everything projecting your income and problems you may face and plan how to overcome and reach the finish line.
  • Collect funds: Investment is important and you need to collect funds to invest in your business. Whether it can be your money or you can take an investor who will help you throughout the process.

Figure 4: Make a connection for your business

  • Trained employees: To run your business successneed to have some trained employees who can manage your inventory. You can hire someone efficient who will guide you through the right path and give you support while struggling.
  • Build a relationship: Client relationships can help you to grow your business prominently and for that,you need to deal with respect, compassion, and friendliness. Remember, a good client will give you recommendations that will increase your sales and revenue.
  • Brand promotion: Marketing is needed at the beginning so that people know about the existence of your brand. Include online and offline promotionsto make sure your products are well recognized by mass people.

What is the current market trend for curly hair extensions? Who would you target for your business?

To start a curly hair extension wholesale business, you must have a proper idea of the current market trend. This is how you know the products are high in demand and you should stock up.

You should be up to date with fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and so on to keep up with the latest trends.

Figure 5: Model in curly hairstyle

The market trends lead your target market to get their desired hairstyles for any occasion. Your target customer can be of any age and you should be prepared to provide what they want.

However, you can target hairdressers, hair salons, spas, as well as hair treatment hospitals where people mostly go for hairstyling recommendations or to get over an illness.

What is the first step of starting a curly hair extension wholesale business?

For starting up your curly hair extension wholesale business, you need to create a brand identity. You need to have the private label of your company for branding.

First, decide on a beautiful name and a chic logo for your brand. Then you should have a sleek package design to deliver the hair extensions to your customers.

You need to promote your brand widely so the private label and package design are important to make people familiar with it. Besides, it is also needed to establish your online presence as well.

Figure 6: Designing brand identity

For private labeling, you can always get help from Haneway. It has a dedicated team who will help you out designing your logo and package without any hassle.

Also, make sure you have all the necessary certificates and license to start your curly hair extension wholesale business. You can have insurance policies as well.

Where do you need to invest money for the curly hair extension wholesale business?

While establishing your curly hair extension wholesale business, it is important to forecast where you should invest to generate potential income sources.

You need to find out curly hair extension supplier and invest in getting hair extensions. It is a crucial part of your investment because you need to find a reliable source and high-quality product.

Figure 7: Make a list of expenses

Secondly, you need to have a warehouse and a shop where you can showcase the curly hair extensions so that people can come and buy their desired products.

Then you need to list down other costs, such as legal expenses, website launch, salary for employees, marketing and advertising, and others.

How would you know if your curly hair extension supplier or manufacturer is reliable?

If you want to find a reliable curly hair extension supplier or manufacturer, then these are the qualities you must look into them:

  • Customer support: You should be your supplier’s top priority and your supplier should be available for communication. Like Haneway provides 24/7 customer support service, and even enables WhatsApp communication so you can contact them anytime you need.
  • Customization:To stand out among your competitors your curly hair extension wholesale business should offer customization. Being a manufacturer, Haneway supports you with customizing options so you can provide your client according to their needs.

Figure 8: Curly hair extension

  • Quality control: A good manufacturer and supplier will never compromise the quality of the products. Haneway strictly measures the quality of the hair extensions and makes sure the quality of the hair remains top-graded for a satisfied customer base.
  • Reputation:Before you deal with a supplier you must check their reputation and previous track record to understand their Haneway is a renowned curly hair extension supplier and manufacturer in China for the past 18 years.
  • Quotes:For doing business, you need to purchase hair extensions at a bulk price so you can manage everything accordingly. Haneway helps you out with that and you can request quotes online and compare with others to go for the best one.

How to market curly hair extensions?

To sell out your curly hair extension wholesale brand, you need to know how you should market your products. You need to ensure your online and offline presence for that first.

Your market strategy should focus on the promotional factors including:

  • Paper media, magazine exposure, billboard advertising, newspaper,banners as well as pamphlets to expand your business and reach.
  • Expand your reach online by opening a website, publishingregular blogs, getting exposure from social media platforms, and making it worthwhile for expanding your business.

Figure 9: Marketing curly hair extension wholesale

  • You can have celebrity endorsement, weeding exposure, run seasonal promotions, and sponsor fashion events to promote your brand.
  • Use your social media handles for promotions, run promotional offers, open polls, and share infographics, blogs, and reviews now and then toget known better.
  • Get influencers to review use and review your curly hair extensions, and request them to share videos on their YouTube channel to increase your visibility.

Which marketplace can you use for selling?

Selling curly hair extensions is a big investment and you need to be tricky enough to know the best place to sell them. You can have your physical store display your brand products.

However, in this digital era, you need to ensure having your online place for selling curly hair extensions. You can be on Alibaba, DHGates, and Amazon for selling your curly hair extensions wholesale.

Figure 10: Sell your curly hair extensions

For selling, you can open an account on e-commerce platforms like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, and so on. Also, the Facebook marketplace is easy to make instant money.

All you need is to take a clear and better image of your hair extensions and try to keep the color as natural as possible. Maintain the quality and be a bit flexible on pricing.

How will Haneway support you in starting your curly hair extension wholesale business?

Haneway is one of the biggest hair extension manufacturers in China. It is a famous hair extension manufacturing brand across the globe.

Being a wholesale manufacturer and supplier, Haneway helps you give most of the support for starting your business for curly hair extension wholesale.

Figure 11: Blondtype curly hair

You can get various types, colors, and textures of curly hair extensions, such as Spanish curl, water wave, natural wave 6mm curl, 8mm curl, deep curl, jerry curl, kinky, afro kinky, Fumi, and so on.

Why would you trust Haneway for your business?

Haneway is one of the biggest hair extension manufacturers doing business for the past 18 years. So far, it has a good reputation for working with 30 brands and companies.

To ensure the quality of the curly hair extension, it implicated strict protocol for the production process. Haneway never compromises the quality according to the international standard of hair grading and color system.

Figure12:  Blonde curly hair extension

The production process is supervised by professional hair extension manufacturers to make sure the quality is not compromised under any circumstance.

Haneway is a highly reliable manufacturer that produces curly hair extensions made of 100% human hair, including Remy, machinery Remy, as well as non-Remy.

Does Haneway allow you to visit their factory? What is the process?

If you are willing to start a curly hair extension wholesale business then Haneway can be the best help you can get as a beginner. You can keep faith in their quality and manufacturing process.

Haneway even enables you to visit the factory in Juancheng, China. You are always welcome to pay a visit before you make a deal.

Figure 13: Styling curly hair

All you need is to book a flight directly to Xuchang or Qingdao and the rest will be taken care of by Haneway. You can check out the entire manufacturing process yourself.

Can you get accessories support from Haneway other than hair extensions?

Haneway hair extension is a top-rated hair extension manufacturer and you can get curly hair extensions for your wholesale business as well.

Not only hair extensions, but you can also get hair accessories from Haneway as well. Besides manufacturing hair extensions, you will also find various types of wigs and toppers.

Figure 14: Beautiful curly hair

Accessories like tripods, mannequins, etc. as well are available in Haneway that you will need to showcase your curly hair extensions.

Haneway has a partnership with other manufacturing partners who are happy to help you to expand your curly hair extension wholesale business.

Will you get dropshipping service from Haneway?

If you are new in business and have a small investment then you can take help from Haneway to deliver the order of your client via drop shipping service.

All you need is to provide the private label of your curly hair extension brand and package details to Haneway and they will deliver the product right on time on your behalf.

You can even get their private label service to make your logo and package design which will also help you establish your business with a small investment and no warehouse.

Figure 15: Black curly hairstyle

Just do the marketing for the curly hair extension wholesale business, expand your reach, grab customer attention, take their order, and let Haneway know about it.

Haneway will take the curly hair extension order from their stock, make the package ready, and ship it to the client with your brand name and information.

What else would you like to know?

Hope you have got all the necessary answers you are looking for while you are thinking of starting a curly hair extension wholesale business.

If you still have any questions in mind or need to ask about the quotes from Haneway, feel free to reach us any time you want.

Starting a new business can be hard but with Haneway things can be sorted easily. Contact Haneway and let them know your queries and seal the deal.

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