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Haneway is an honest manufacturer of hair extensions and wigs in China. We offer both ODM & OEM services for salons, wholesalers, and distributors.

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As one of the best hair topper manufacturers in China, Haneway believes that superior raw hair is the key to your high-end hair extension products. We can produce Full Silk Top Hair Topper (5″×2.75 “), Silk Top and Weft Hair Topper (6″×6″), Fine Mono Hair Topper (5.5″×6.5″), Fine Mono Topper (5″ ×6″), Full Silk Hair Topper (6″ ×7″), Full Silk Top Hair Topper (5″×5.5″), Silk Top and Wefted Hair Topper (6.8″×7.2”). You can customize any color, texture, length, and weight for your clients’ needs.

Send us your need for your business, we will give you the best hair extension and wig solution based on your detailed requirement.

fine mono hair topper

The Mono Base is made with an ultra-fine mesh material where Individual hairs are hand-tied, giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. With this base type, the hair topper can have a higher hair density.

fine mono topper 5*6inch

The Fine Mono Base is smooth and comfortable, but it is not as breathable as the Lace Base, because the weave of the mono base material is tighter than lace. You can choose what you need exactly.

Full Silk Top Hair Topper 5*2.75 1

Silk topper is the most realistic topper on the market today. It has 3 layers of lace, hair knots in the middle layer, then hair through the top layer to hide the hair knots, and the bottom layer offers you a comfortable feeling.

full silk hair topper 6*7

A silk top is the most realistic-looking base available. It is constructed with a layer of lace and silk fabric which can be skin-colored to give a scalp-like appearance.

full silk top hait topper 5*5.5

Full Silk Hair Topper is 100% hand-tied silk base, which creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.

silk top and wefted hair topper 6.8*7.2

Silk top with wefted hair topper means silk top with hair weft at sides and back, the weft hair is 100% human hair sewn to wefts by machine, then sewn into the topper’s base.

Haneway: Your Reliable Hair Extensions and Wigs Supplier in China

Haneway is a China-based manufacturer with years of experience in producing hair extensions and wigs. We tend to offer you one-stop solutions for hair extensions and wigs.

Haneway can make various kinds of hair extension products for you. These include weft hair extension, tape hair extension, clip-in hair extension, keratin/pre-bonded hair extension, micro-ring hair extension, halo hair extension, lace wig with mono top, Jewish wig, full lace wig, frontal lace wig, lace closure, lace frontal, women hair topper and so on. 

We have different level qualities of raw hair for your selection including Remy hair, Machinery Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.  The quality of raw hair and the ratio of your hair extension product will affect the price of the product. According to your need for your hair extension business, you must be able to find the best solution from Haneway for your hair extension.

As one of the professional hair extension and wig manufacturers, Haneway could offer you the best hair extension or topper products base on your application. From different colors, textures, weight, and lengths, we all can customize for you, also include the private label service to help you build up your own brands.  Our full capacity for hair extensions and wigs can give you a one-stop solution so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now, we will respond with perfect hair extensions and topper products.

tape in hair extension specification

Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Custom Haneway Hair Extension and Wig to Skyrocket Your Business

  • medical wig detail cap

    Medical wigs refer to those wigs specifically designed for patients and others whose medical condition results in moderate to severe hair loss.

  • tape on hair extension

    The way they are placed is like a sandwich—your own hair or your client’s hair actually gets taped between two strips of hair extensions. Contact us today for your ideal texture.

  • full silk hair topper ombre color

    100% Human Remy hair. High quality made. Comfortable wearing. Contact us today for the best solution for your business.

  • fine mono hair topper

    The weave of mono base material is tighter than lace. With this base type, the hair topper can have a higher hair density than the regular lace base hair topper.

Hair Topper FAQ Guide

The hair topper is one of the popular forms of hairpiece that has been designed to increase the volume and thickness of your natural hair. It is a good solution for those having hair loss on their scalp.

To get a perfect solution with the most natural transformation, the hair topper works amazingly. It blends naturally and you can choose the right size according to your need.

If you are thinking to become a hair topper wholesaler, then you should start now and enrich your knowledge through this FAQ guide. Haneway hair extension can give you the most help you need to set up your business.

Who needs a hair topper?

A hair topper is a hairpiece that has been designed to conceal your look in terms of excessive hair loss or to hide baldness on your head. It is used in a specific area, unlike wigs and extensions.

A hair topper is a good idea for three sorts of people:

  1. If you are going through prominent hair loss that is look like balding or shaving a specific portion due to injury then a hair toppercan help you to conceal that particular spot.
  2. If you have a hair thinning problem or have minor bald spots then you can go for a hair topperto get some volume and increase thickness in hair.
  3. If you want to change your hairstyle instantly and get an upgraded look without any long-term change in hair, then a hair toppercan be the best thing for that.

Figure 1: wearing a hair topper

How would you select your hair topper?

To determine the type of hair topper you need, follow these requirements:

  • Know your level of hair loss by determining if your hair just started to get thin then you need a smaller base topper. If it gets intense then you need a medium or larger base topper for more coverage to conceal the baldness entirely.

Figure 2: Selecting hair topper

  • Take a measuring tape and measure the area of hair loss to determine which size is the best fit for you. Measure the width and length from the edge and take a slightly bigger hair topperto make it look natural.

You can place an order in your desired size and textured hair topper from Haneway. It is one of the best hair topper manufacturers.

Do hair toppers look natural? How to make it look natural?

A hair topper is an easy solution to add volume and get a changed outlook. If you can choose the correct one then it will make you look natural and unnoticeable.

To make your hair topper look completely natural, you need to follow these tips:

  • Get a hair topperthat completely matches your natural hair color, length, and texture. Before wearing always detangle the hair and keep it clean.
  • Wear it by placing it above your head and holding the front area and side clips away. Once the topper sits flat at the front of your hair, scoop in the clips so it doesn’t slip.

Figure 3: Natural-looking hairstyling

  • Customize the hair topperaccording to your need so it can be a perfect fit and gives desired coverage. If you purchase real human hair made topper then you can eventually dye the hair piece to match your natural hair.
  • Style your hair topperto put on a seamless look without any trace. Human hair-made toppers let you use heating tools and put on any hairstyle you want.

What are the different types of hair toppers?

If you want to get a good quality hair topper then you must go for the ones made of real human hair. It will give you a natural shine and doesn’t tangle so you can pull off any hairstyle.

The type of hair topper depends on the base and parts you want to hide.

For the base you can choose from:

  • Lace: The lace-made material makes it lightweight and breathable.
  • Mono: The base is tied with mesh material that makes it look natural and durable without any irritation.
  • Silk: Pure silk fabric is used on the cap that keeps the hair knots invisible and hidden.
  • Skin: The translucent material creates an illusion for the hair knots and blends seamlessly.

Figure 4: Types of hair toppers

For hiding some specific part of your head, you can choose from:

  • Part topper:Best for those who are experiencing hair thinning as it helps to conceal.
  • Crown topper:Best for adding volume and concealing the bald spots on the head.
  • Top topper:Best for people who want to cover various areas depending on the head circumference.

You can get every type of hair topper in Haneway that you can take wholesale to start your business.

Is hair topper different from hair wigs?

Hair toppers and hair wigs are not similar. Wigs tend to cover your whole head whereas hair toppers will cover the places got thinner hair on the crown at the front of your head.

The hair topper keeps your hair hidden under the cap and blends naturally but hair wigs keep it on the show or you may need to hide it entirely using a hair cover or braiding it.

Figure 5: Hair topper

Though hair wig gives complete coverage on the head whereas a topper covers only a specific portion of the head. It remains attached to your existing hair and remains at a show.

What are the benefits of hair toppers?

A hair topper is the best solution for people who wants to cover up thinning areas or baldness on the scalp. It may not be great for someone suffering from alopecia or other medical conditions.

The following are the benefits of a hair topper:

  • You can transform your outlook by adding a hair topperinstantly without any hassle.
  • Use a clip-in hair topperif your hair became thinner due to hair loss.

Figure 6: Benefits of wearing hair topper

  • It helps you to add volume and fullness within a few minutes of attaching.
  • The undetectable format of the hair topperremains attached to your hair.
  • It is comfortable, lightweight, and smaller so that you don’t feel heavy on your head.

What do you need to consider before buying a hair topper?

There are various types of hair toppers available that you can use but it is important to consider a few facts while purchasing one.

  • Type of hair loss: For first start hair loss at the crown may require to have clip-in fringes hair topper. For think hair or baldness, you can also wear a hair topperusing a turban or scarf.
  • Type of hair: You can choose both fiber and human hair topperbut it is better to choose human hair to get the perfect match with your real hair. Besides, you can also style it no matter how you want.

Figure 7: Trying straight hairstyle

  • Length of hair: The hair length can be similar to your own or smaller depending on the style you want to pick. You can get anything short, mid-length, or long hairpiece.
  • Color of hair: For hair toppers, you can choose the color that matches closely to your natural hair. You can get highlights or dye your hair if the hairpiece is made of human hair.
  • Type of topper base: Determine the base of the hair topperthat is best suited to your scalp base. Soft mesh, silk, weft, etc. are the best ones that you can choose.

Haneway is one of the most popular hair toppers in China and you can get almost all types of hair toppers so you can customize them according to your need.

How to wear and take off your hair topper?

Wearing and taking off hair toppers can be a bit tricky for the. You will need adhesive, and solvent to release adhesive and comb the topper at the beginning.

To wear your hair topper; divide your hair the topper into parts, hold it up on your head, apply from the front to the back behind the natural hairline, attach the clips, and apply some adhesive so that it doesn’t slip.

Figure 8: Wearing and removing hair topper

To take off the hair topper; apply releasing adhesive first, then open the clips, start from the back, use your fingers to sweep away hair out, slowly move towards the front, lift the topper, and pull off delicately.

Are hair toppers worth it? How long does it last?

If you are going through hair loss issues lately and want a stress-free solution then hair toppers are worth it. Especially, if you get a human hair topper, then you can use it for years.

Human hair offers sustainability and endurance by ensuring any style to pull off at any time. You can use a heating instrument and dye it in any color.

Figure 9: Styling with hair topper

The human hair topper is versatile enough that gives you a seamless blend. Plus you can take it off at the end of the day and have a peaceful sleep.

Hair toppers can last from six months to more than a year if you use them daily throughout time. With proper care and washing, you can enhance its endurance.

What are tips for taking care of hair toppers?

Taking care of a human hair topper is almost like taking care of your own hair. Make a proper routine starting with washing.

If you wear the topper daily then it is recommended to wash it every 2 weeks. First, detangle the hair using a comb or through your fingers.

Then rinse the hair topper under running water or soak it in a bowl. Apply sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and rinse it under lukewarm or cold water.

Figure 10: Washing hair topper

Now pat it gently using a towel and hang it in a wig holder and let it dry. You can use a hair dryer when the topper is 70% dry. You should use a heat protectant before using styling instruments.

Store it in a holder away from direct sunlight and keep the clips closed. Always detangle it after using it so that it can be in a good shape.

What type of hair is used to make hair toppers?

Both synthetic and human hair can be used for making hair toppers. Synthetic hair is made from monofilament fibers that retain the same shape and texture for longer.

Though synthetic hair toppers are not that much user-friendly and you cannot dye or use heating tools for styling.

Human hair toppers are highly recommended as it is made of real human hair. People cut off their hair voluntarily for the sake of their religious beliefs and hair topper vendors collect it from places like temples.

Figure 11: Human hair topper

Human hair is highly popular for its quality and efficiency. The hair topper made with 100% real human hair gives you the most natural look and a seamless blend.

Haneway is a renowned brand among most human hair topper suppliers and manufacturers.

How much does a hair topper cost? Is it worth it for a business?

The price range of hair toppers may vary depending on the type of hair that has been used. Synthetic hair toppers can cost you $150 or more.

Human hair toppers can be a little bit pricy due to their extensive quality hair and construction process. You will get a human hair topper from $300 to more than $1000 based on hair density and base material.

If you are thinking about starting a business as a hair topper wholesaler then you must start. It is a worth-it business because the demand is trending upward and it is not getting down anytime soon.

Figure 12: Trying different hairstyles

People suffering from alopecia or think hair problems mostly go for hair toppers. However, fashion-conscious people also get to experiment with their outlook that they might not be sure to implicate into their own hair.

Where can you find hair toppers for business?

If you are willing to start a business to be a hair topper wholesaler, then the first thing you need is to find a reliable source that you can trust to get the hair toppers from.

You can do some online research that will help you find some hair topper wholesale vendors like Alibaba, DHgate, Global sources, and so on.

Figure 13: A piece of hair topper

To know about the reliability of these hair topper suppliers, look at their reviews. It would be best if you could check the materials by paying a visit and verifying their level of authenticity.

While starting a hair topper wholesaler business, you can get in touch with Haneway. It is a highly reliable name in the hair industry you can trust completely.

How will you start selling hair toppers in the market?

To start a business as a hair topper wholesaler, the first thing you need to do is start an organization online or offline and give a push through branding to initiate selling.

For that, you will need to have your hair topper private label which will be used for hair topper branding and marketing. Make sure the name and logo you use in the hair topper private label are easy to pronounce and remember.

The next thing you need to do is hair topper branding and marketing to let your target audiences know that you exist. You can begin with an online presence by creating a website and pages on social media platforms.

Then focus on packaging to custom your hair topper. It is imperative because you have to deliver your order to the customers.

To increase sales at the beginning, you can have some offers like promotional discounts. You can also offer some gifts like a comb, a portable hair topper hanger, and hair accessories.

Figure 14: Promote your hair topper brand

Your online presence is crucial for your hair topper branding because most people search online first for their necessary products. Your website should be content and user friendly for everyone.

Social media presence is also important because your target customers spend most of their time on these platforms. So, post regular updates about your brand and spread awareness regarding hair issues.

To start selling from your hair topper wholesaler business, you need to work hard at the beginning. If needed, advertise on billboards, in newspapers, and in magazines to grab more attention.

Is it necessary to customize and include a private label for branding the hair topper?

Once you are done with your hair topper private label and initiated marketing with creative hair topper branding tactics, the next thing you should do is custom your hair topper.

It is always necessary that the packaging must include your hair topper private label and contact detail so that people can come back to you for their next purchase.

Make sleek packaging with a premium look so your target customer can feel as if they are prominent. Include silk bags to keep the hair topper inside will make it look nicer.

You will find your target customers at hair salons, spas, hair clinics, beauty stores, specialty stores, and fashion stores. So, you can collaborate with these organizations for your hair topper branding.

Figure 15: Lucrative hairstyle

Make sure your website contains all the information about hair toppers. Publish regular blogs to increase SEO and include inbound links to influence the readers.

Be active on social media platforms and post regularly. Include digital marketing by implementing Google Ads, email marketing, and sponsored ads on social media platforms to get maximum leads.

What else do you need to know?

Hope this FAQ guide has got you all the answers that you were looking for to know about hair toppers. Now, you can take a step ahead of becoming a hair topper wholesale vendor.

For more information regarding hair toppers, contact Haneway any time you want. Customer support is ready to get back 24/7 with any query from giving you the quotes to taking orders and drop shipping for your customers.

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