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At Haneway, You can find the best 100% human hair extension product from us. We can customize any human hair extension or wigs for you no matter what color, length, weight, and texture based on your need for your business.

  • Based on your marketing position, we can customize what you need.
  • Certified human hair extension manufacturer
  • Professional production and service team
  • Stable quality and fair price to support long-term business relationship

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hand tied weft hair extension

100% Human hair, A soft thin extension, offering the best in comfort thanks to delicate webbing and being hand braided.

flat weft hair extension

The least bulky option, making it an even better option than sew-in or machinery wefts. 100% human hair guaranteed.

machinery weft hair extension

100% human hair, A combination of advanced machinery and safe glue results in soft but strong extensions that won’t shed.

PU skin weft hair extension

100% human hair, A knotless weft ensures it’s not visible once it’s in place. Silk prevents PU from breaking if you do replacements.

Micro bead weft hair extension

The #1 option when a client with fine hair needs volume and secured attachment. 100% human remi hair, no mix, no synthetic.

Ultra tip hair extension

Impress clients with reusable extensions that won’t become damaged. 100% human hair, no mix, no synthetic.

I Tip Hair Extension

Help clients with thinning hair find the perfect solution. Each strand is applied separately and requires no glue or heat. Easy to remove. 100% human hair, no mix.

V tip hair extension

You’ll find the hair tips bonded in a V-shape with the help of keratin. A flat, invisible extension that’s easily taken out. 100% human remi hair, no mix, no synthetic.

Flat tip hair extension

Licensed stylists must apply these extensions that have quality keratin tips. Heat up the tip to mold it around the natural hair. 100% human hair, no mix.

keratin hair extension

The name comes from the U-shape of the extension. Heat it in order to apply it to the hair. 100% human remi hair, no mix, no synthetic.

micro ring hair

Instead of using a braid, heat, or glue, simply thread the extension in by using some of the natural hair. 100% human hair, no mix.

nano ring

Compared with the micro ring, 90% smaller rings make them more discreet and easy to blend in with natural hair. 100% human hair, no mix.

Soft Tip hair extension

Clients are guaranteed a secure fit and comfort and they work better for those with sensitive scalps. 100% human hair, no mix.

Pu Clip In Hair Extension

A design that offers fewer visibility thanks to a seamless PU clip-on that will lie flat against the head. 100% human hair, no mix.

Regular Clip In Hair Extension

Offer clients a product that’s easy to use. The weft contains tiny clips, making them simple to hide under your hair. 100% human remi hair, no mix, no synthetic.

#27_613 tape on hair extension

A semi-permanent pre-taped hair extension product, containing 1 inch wide medical-grade adhesive. 100% human hair, no mix.

injection tape on

The new product on today’s market! So easily hidden and lightweight. Hair just looks like growing out of the scalp. 100% human hair, no mix.

micro tape on hair extension

Enjoy the ease of using the tape extensions are known for, while clients benefit from the flexibility. 100% human hair, no mix.

halo hair extension

Avoid weaves, clips, glue, and tape but still, offer your clients length or volume. Halo is also a good choice for your client. 100% human hair, no mix.

ponytail hair extension

The easy solution to provide your clients with a classic look that is trendy. 100% human remi hair, no mix, no synthetic.

ziplox hair extension

Without using sewing, adhesive, weaves, tape or glue, you can offer clients accessories for more length and volume. 100% human hair, no mix.

hair bulk

Give clients the opportunity to make their own custom weft hair extensions. Sell them a hair bundle containing no weft, so their creativity can run wild. 100% human hair, no mix.

Fringe Bang

No need for clients to cut hair if they’re not sure if they want bangs. Simply add these clips for a new look. 100% human hair, no mix.

full lace wig#6:613

We sell wigs of various sizes, to suit any client’s head. Types include lace front wigs, full lace, and some others your clients will love. 100% human hair, no mix.

Haneway—100% Human Hair Extension Manufacturer in China that Helps You Keep Clients Smiling

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, you need the best in the business on your side. After almost 17 years in the business, Haneway understands the market. We developed a supply chain that gives you exactly what you need to optimize your company’s outcomes, whether you’re managing a salon or running a wholesale business.

From Haneway you’re guaranteed:

  • All-in-one solutions: We produce hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, hair accessories, but also help our clients with many other popular products in these niches, such as false eyelashes, mannequins. Save time and money by using one vendor for all your needs.
  • Quality: We source quality hair and manage a manufacturing process that only delivers the best.
  • Product variety: From weft hair extensions to clip-ins and ponytail hair extensions, Haneway manufactures it all. Multiple colors and textures are available.
  • Service: We’re available 24/7 and provide expert advice based on our years of expertise.
  • Custom options: We help our clients build their businesses with innovative options, such as a private label service, packaging design, custom products, and drop shipping.

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on getting you the best products.

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Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Human Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


To be updated with the latest fashion trend, hair extension has a huge demand worldwide. Hair is always been a significant part of styling and extensions help to enhance the look. 

For many reasons, human hair is the best solution that almost everyone looks for. If you have a lot of questions in your mind that you have to find the answers. 

Here you come! Get the answers that you need to know for human hair extensions.

What is a human hair extension?

If you are not clear about lets start with what is hair extension. It is artificial hair integration incorporated with real human hair collected from donors across the world.

Haneway Hair extensions add a certain length and fulness to your real hair that enhances your look. For that, using human hair extensions is best because it looks natural and makes no harm in the long term. 


It is usually found in different formats, such as tape-in, clip-in or clip-on, fusion method, as well as wigs. The real human hair extension is incorporated with your natural human hair. 

In Haneway Hair Extension, you can find all of them so your clients can choose according to their style preferences.  

Real human hair is used for making Haneway human hair extensions. It is collected from some different countries where people cut their hair and sell it at a cost to the human hair extension suppliers. 

The vendors and manufacturers collect it from the suppliers. Therefore, real human hair extensions are sold at a higher price range by human hair extension manufacturers. 

Human hair extensions last longer than other materials. These are best in quality so you can do styles including putting on heat or dyeing different colors as you want without any damage. 

It always gives you the ultimate shine of natural hair. This is the reason the demand for human hair extension is high and people are eager to spend money on it.

What is the top brand of hair extensions?

There are many brands available in the market and not all of them are equal. It is highly recommended to ensure the quality of the hair extension. 

Make sure you are getting your resources from a trustworthy source that will keep your business reputation intact. 

hair extension salon

Always choose the renowned brands that provide the highest-quality materials ensuring 100% real human hair. Check reviews and evaluate their working process so that you know that there is been no compromise with the quality. 

Haneway is a renowned human hair extension manufacturer in China. If you are willing to step into the market of the human hair extension business, you can count on Haneway.


How to tell the hair extension is made by 100% human hair? instead of synthetic or mix?

Haneway human hair extensions are made of real human hair from the top to the bottom as it is collected from donors. Other than human hair, there are extensions of synthetic and human hair blends is available in the market. 

You need to understand the differences by using some techniques:

  • Test it by burning. Both types of hair burn differently. Human hair turns into ashes after burning but mixed or synthetic fiber melts into a hard solid with a strong chemical smell.
  • Test it with water. Synthetic hair feels heavier and does not retain shape while wet. Whereas, human hair retains perfectly straight or curls while wet.
  • See if it tangles. Synthetic hair tangles easily and excessively. Human hair tangles as well but not as much as synthetic ones.
  • Test it with bleach. Cut a few strands and apply bleach. Human hair tends to tighten but fake ones will burn.
  • Pay attention to the shedding. If the hair is too much shaded, then the possibility is high that it is synthetic rather than human hair. 

Why choose human hair extension products?

Human hair extensions are highly recommended by hair stylists these days because it has several benefits, such as:

  • Real human hair extensions give more of a natural look and feel. It blends naturally and gives a shiny effect. 

On the other hand, synthetic hair doesn’t even feel as soft or silky as human hair.  

  • You can pick any style with human hair extension and can use straighteners, curlers, or any heating equipment. 

Most synthetic hair extensions are not heated absorbent so it melts and refrains from doing multiple styling. 

Human hair extensions looks and feels natural

  • Human hair extensions are safe to color dye just like your natural hair.

Synthetic hair extensions cannot be colored or else they will have serious damage.

  • With proper care, human hair extensions can last up to one year.

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions can barely survive up to 20 washes and may last a maximum of 3 months.

  • From the price perspective, human hair extension is a bit expensive but in terms of its endurance and quality, it is worth it.

Whereas, synthetic ones are lesser in price and you need to be cautious in every step to maintain it.


How many different grades of human hair are for the human hair extension products?

In early 2010, the grading system for hair has been started to determine the quality of the hair extensions. The human hair extension suppliers have been implemented this policy.

The grades of the hair extensions are put on the factory that sources the hair from the donor. It does not regulate the quality of the hair. 


What is the difference between Remy hair, non-Remy, and machinery Remy human hair?

To understand the difference in hair extensions, you need to understand the types. There are three types of human hair extensions available:

Remy, non-Remy hair differences

  1. Virgin hair: It is the highest quality 100% human hair available in the market that has never gone through any chemical process. This type of hair extension is expensive but long-lasting and worth investing in.
  2. Remy hair: It is a premium choice that includes cuticles arranged in the same direction that makes the hair look silky and smooth. The hair is cut from the young women who had long hair. Then it is sent to design for the extensions.
  3. Non-Remy hair: It is taken from the floors of salons, temples, or through random supplies. Due to the unruly collection method, the cuticles become mixed and cause tangled or worn problems. Therefore, it may not survive several washes and cannot be reused.
  4. Machinery Remy hair: It is used the machine to make the hair with different directions of cuticle onto the same direction to avoid the tangling problem. In the factory, the hair is separated according to length, color, and texture. Then sent for the following steps to make it clean, untangle, and dry.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made of blended fibers but no human hair. The plastic fibers are manufactured in factories to imitate real human hair.

Another form of hair extension can be found which is called human hair blend. It is a mixture of human hair with synthetic hair. It is chemically treated and processed.

Blended hair extension lasts longer than synthetic hair and appears to be more natural. It can be washed, reused, and styled according to your wish. 


How long can human hair extension last?

The lifespan of human hair extension depends on the quality of the hair. With proper care, luxury grade of human hair extensions of HANEWAY human hair extensions can last at least 12 months.

If you use it daily medium to heavy and take good care of the extension, you may expect to the human hair extension will look great up to 6 months. 

Virgin real human hair extensions are widely known throughout the world for their extensive quality. As it has never been treated with chemicals or color, it is tended to give you a more natural look with a long-lasting effect.

hair extension installation



How do human hair extensions need to have cared for?

It is important to take good care of your human hair extension to make it last longer without creating any harm to natural hair. Here are some necessary tips:

  • Wash your human hair extension with natural hair with sulfate-free formula shampoo and use a leave-in conditioner. This helps your hair shiny and keeps the balance of moisture.
  • Make sure you dry your hair extensions well before going to bed. Pat gently with a microfiber towel and blow dry if necessary.

Taking care of human hair extensions


  • Use a soft bristle hairbrush or your fingers to detangle and paddle brush to give your hair a better volume.
  • During hairstyling with heat, use heat protection spray to maintain the durability of the hair extension.
  • Wear a swim cap while swimming to protect your hair from damage by the contact of chlorine or saltwater.

How human hair extensions are made?

Human hair extensions are collected from real doners and made of real human hair from top to bottom. It is collected from different sources of different countries. 

human hair collect


Once collected, it is brought to the factory where the hair is untangled and sorted. It is then cleaned, washed, dried, and dyed. Then it is sent to make hair extensions.

Is the human hair extension using an ethical sourcing method?

In most cases, suppliers collect hair from the places where people deliberately cut their hair. A larger proportion of hair is been collected from the temples.

In India, it is done out of religious beliefs where people shave their heads as a part of sacred ritual. The temple authorities then sell it to the manufacturers for real human hair extensions.


virgin human hair


How much does it cost to get human hair extensions?

Some of the hair merchants, go door to door to collect fallen hair. When ladies comb their hair, some hair falls from their head or remains in the hairbrush that is collected. 

To some extent, the hair is also collected from salons where people come to cut hair. Human hair extension vendors later collect hair and pass it to the suppliers or manufacturers.

human hair


Partially done pure Remy human hair extension costs between $250-$500 and fully done takes $1,000-$2,500.

How to find a human hair extension manufacturer?

Russia, Ukraine, China, Peru, and India are the market leaders for commercial use, human hair extensions. For human hair extensions, China is the largest hair exporter and they also manufacture to some extent.

Haneway human hair extensions are China’s renowned hair extension manufacturer brand. You can reach out to Haneway to get the resources for your business.


human hair manufacturer

To start a business in trading human hair extensions, you will need to find out manufacturers. The first thing you can do is to contact the manufacturers from the countries.

You can take the help of the internet to find human hair extension manufacturers. Make effective research using keywords for the more contended manufacturer and find reliable options.

You can also reach human hair extension wholesalers or vendors online. Try some e-commerce B2B portals like Alibaba, DHgate, Global Sources.

Make sure you choose a reliable human hair extension supplier, vendor, or manufacturer who will provide you with the best quality human hair extension. Check if the vendor is available in the fastest response time.

How to choose the human hair extension for your business? Who is the target market for human hair extensions?

Try all the tactics described to determine the quality and consider the following factors for human hair extensions:

  • 100% guaranteed human hair without any mix of animal hair or synthetics.
  • Maintains standard weight of sew-in hair.
  • Wefts can be single-stitched or double-stitched which will reduce shedding.
  • Choose among virgin, Remy, or non-Remy options.
  • Certify that the hair extensions are not chemically treated.

hair extension


From in B2B perspective, to establish a business as a human hair extension wholesaler or supplier, your target market can be various online platforms, physical stores including hair retailers or salons, and hairstylists.

Several retail stores, such as hair clinics, beauty stores, specialty stores, and fashion stores can be major sales partners of human hair extensions. 

You can also target the film industry as they require extensions for creating different appearances of actors for different roles. 

Is selling human hair profitable?

Yes, selling human hair is profitable in this current market because the demand is rising day by day. A 25% of profit margin per hair bundle remains stable in this industry.

This relates to the fashion industry and doing styles with hair has an upward trend. So, if you can start today, you are definitely can make money and earn a decent amount of profit.

beautiful hair


How to customize human hair extension products for your business?

After deciding your target market, you need to create a greater selling point for your business. Remember, the market is competitive so your strategies should be unique.

Customize your human hair extensions in a lucrative way with some attention-grabbing features. For that, you need a good human hair extension branding to display and the best way to do that is by using the internet.



Use your human hair extensions private label and apply strategic marketing tactics for branding. This will help you to get traffic to your business. 

Create a website and a blog page and post regularly. Promote the hair extension products in blogs by anchoring links.

Make a lucrative packaging for your human hair extension branding. Include brand information, contact details, email, and phone number in it to retain customers and earn more in the future.

Another cheap yet most effective way is using email marketing. Send a regular newsletter to your regular and possible clients about your human hair extension products.

You can also try the old-school method that is the print media. Let your target clients know that you exist by publishing articles and branding in local newspapers or magazines.

How to tell if the market you are in is good for selling human hair extensions?

The current market growth of hair extensions shows the rising demand for the product. The global market size was $2.35 billion in 2020 which was projected to raise around $2.38 billion in 2021.

The revenue is expected to increase at a CAGR of more than 13% from 2021 to 2026.

The competitive market of hair extensions


Human hair extension products are dominant in the current market share. The reason behind this is its natural blend-ability and flexibility in creating different hairstyles. 

All these statistics show that the current market of human hair extension is rising and going to have a boost soon. So, it is high time to invest in selling human hair extensions.

Any more questions?

Hope you got the answers to all the questions that you may have before starting a human hair extension business. If you still have some questions that are missing from this list, feel free to let us know.

Ask us anything you want to know about the hair extension business and we will try our best to help you assist you in establishing your business of human hair extension.



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