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Your Professional Fusion Hair Extension Manufacturer in China

Haneway is an expert in producing fusion hair extensions and supplies worldwide. Our fusion hair extensions are certified and trusted to supply to all types of hair business.

Keratin/Pre-bonded Hair Extension Factory

Haneway is one of the professional keratin/pre-bonded/fusion hair extension manufacturers in China. We can manufacture I-tip hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions, V-tip hair extensions, U-tip (Nail-tip)hair extensions, Flat-tip hair extensions, and Ultra-tip hair extensions, and so on. For your hair extension business, we can provide you one stop solutions and free your time by handling your private label need.

Send us your need for your business, we will give you the best fusion hair extension solution based on your detailed requirement. Contact us today.

U Tip Hair Extension

The U-tip hair extension is hair extensions that are preset with keratin and are applied to the client through a perm. This type of hair extension is also known as “fusion”.

V tip hair extension

The V tip hair extension is tipped with high-quality keratin adhesive which is gentle on your hair and is also a quick method to applying hair to your natural hair.

I tip hair extension Burg

I-tip hair extensions are installed using a heating element that safely melts the Keratin Tips onto your own hair. Bring your customer a natural look. You can customize any color to fit your need.

flat tip hair extension

Flat-tip hair extensions use high-quality keratin to provide the strongest attachment and the longest-lasting effect. It is a kind of hot fusion. It regularlly needs a licensed stylist to install.

Ultra tip hair extension

Ultra tip hair extensions are a result of innovation and modern-day technology that has helped women gain confidence.

nano tip hair (1)

Nano tip extensions are one of the newer hair extension fitting methods which have quickly become popular because they’re much smaller.

I tip deep wave

Deep wave is a very popular texture, which can be achieved in any kinds of fusion hair extension.

I TIP nw

Natural waves also can be done for other types of fusion hair, not only the black color.

I tip ww

Water wave hairstyle is similar to African American hairstyles, so it can blends very well with their own hair.

jerry curly

Jerry Curly significantly adds to the perceived volume of one’s hair, making them fuller and prettier.

I tip kinky curly

afro kinky hair, is a great option for our customers want to boost their look to the next level with more curls.

I tip Kinky Straight

which is soft full human hair, and natural as African American women natural hair.

I tip Yaki

textured hair designed to look like chemically-relaxed, Caribbean, or Afro Caribbean hair and can be coarse or wavy.

I tip ac

It is made of 100% virgin human hair. One set is enough to cover the full head. The leave-in conditioner is perfect for curly hair.

jerry kinky (1)

100% human hair, natural black. It can be washed, blow-dried. flat ironed and curled using hot tools like your own hair.

I tip 3a

3A hair typically consists of loose spiral curls that often have a lightweight feel, especially for those with a much drier hair texture.

I tip 3b

3B hair types often consist of a cross between medium-sized corkscrew curls and waves, which are coarser, springier, and tighter than 3A curls

i tip 3c

 3C hair is a curly hair type that is made up of tight coils with volume and lots of strands that are packed together to create this texture.

i tip 3mm

High-quality curly fusion i-tip hair extensions can customize the weight of the bundle to fit your client’s needs.

4mm curly

Our curly I-tip hair extensions are here to bring your client an incredible new look. Try it on today!


The curl pattern may loosen over time based on the amount of heat or color. But overall it can last for a long time.


Our curly hair is specially designed to match the 4A hair texture. It is made of 100% virgin human hair. One set is enough to cover the full head.

I tip 4b

4B Texture is very popular for 4B and 4C Hair Types. It is made of high-quality Human Hair and will revert back to its natural texture after washing.

4C Curly

The best curly hair extensions for curly hair & kinky hair. Add volume and length to your natural hair. Special care is needed for curly hair.

Haneway: Your Leading Keratin / Pre-bonded Hair Extensions Manufacturer in China

Haneway is a China-based manufacturer with years of experience in producing hair extensions and wigs. We tend to offer you one-stop solutions for hair extensions and wigs. 

Haneway can make various kinds of hair extension products for you. These include weft hair extension, tape hair extension, clip-in hair extension, keratin/pre-bonded hair extension, micro-ring hair extension, halo hair extension, lace wig with mono top, Jewish wig, lace closure, lace frontal, and so on. 

We have different level qualities of raw hair for your selection including Remy hair, Machinery Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.  The quality of raw hair and the ratio of your hair extension product will affect the price of the product. According to your need for your hair extension business, you must be able to find the best solution from Haneway for your Keratin/Pre-bonded hair extension and others.

As one of the professional hair extension manufacturers, Haneway could offer you the best keratin/pre-bonded hair extension and wig base on your application. From different colors, textures, weight, and lengths, we all can customize for you, also include the private label service to help you build up your own brands.  Our full capacity for keratin/pre-bonded hair extensions can give you a one-stop solution so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now, we will respond with a perfect hair extension product.

prebonded hair specification

Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Custom Hair Extension to Skyrocket Your Business

  • U Tip Hair Extension

    U-tip extensions are pre-bonded with the U-Tip (Nail Tip) for the strand by strand Fusion application.

  • I Tip Hair Extension

    I-Tip extensions are installed with a strand-by-strand application, without using heat or glue. It is great for your clients with thinning hair around their hairline.

  • Flat Tip Hair Extension Loose Deep Wave

    Made of the finest quality of 100% Remy Human hair, it is natural-looking and add beautiful length.

  • full lace wig 1b:4:15
    Our Full Lace wigs are handcrafted with only the best hair strands. Each hair strand is individually ventilated strategically to fine swiss lace to allow for a flat and nice look.

Fusion Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Fusion hair extensions—also known as pre-bonded or keratin hair extensions—are manufactured in large quantities in China by Haneway. Any questions you may have about keratin hair extensions can be answered here. If your question is unique to this list, please feel free to chat with us online about our fusion hair products. 

How Many Types of Qualities of Fusion Hair Does Haneway Hair Supply?

There are three main qualities of keratin hair extensions available from Haneway. These include:

  • Remy hair
  • Machinery Remy hair
  • Non-Remy hair

Pricing from your pre-bonded hair extension supplier will depend on which quality you decide to choose and the quantity of your order. Remy hair is the highest quality of fusion hair extensions available from any fusion hair manufacturers. Non-Remy hair is also available for those who want a decent quality of keratin hair extensions for a lower price. Machinery Remy hair is the medium level between them.

The Comparison of Remy Hair, Machinery Remy, and Non-Remy Hair Quality?

All three types of these particular keratin hair extensions are of good quality. However, there are some differences worth noting in terms of how each type is manufactured at a fusion hair factory.  

Of these three types, Remy hair is the best fusion hair extension you can pick. With Remy hair, you’re guaranteed the roots and tips all run in the same direction with cuticle attached. This makes the hair look more natural than other types quality of keratin hair extensions. They’re also less likely to tangle or become matted.  

Of a little lower quality you can pick machinery rely on or non-Remy hair. This type of fusion hair extension that you can purchase from your pre-bonded hair extension supplier doesn’t have cuticles or the cuticles are damaged. Non-Remy hair tends to look drier than Remy hair. 

Machinery Remy hair also isn’t of such high quality as Remy fusion hair extensions because it’s a machine that positions the hair strands. Not all the strands’ cuticles are placed in the same direction and the keratin hair extensions won’t look as impressive as Remy hair pre-bonded extensions. 

How Many Types of Fusion Hair Does Haneway Offer? How do You Choose?

When you use Haneway as your fusion hair extension vendor, you have a wide variety of products to pick from. This helps you find keratin hair extensions that work for a wide range of customers’ needs. And if they have unique preferences, talk to us and we’ll help you find the best fusion hair extensions options. 

Haneway groups the fusion hair extensions into five main categories, namely:

  • V-Tip hair extension
  • U-Tip hair extensions
  • I-Tip hair extensions
  • Flat tip hair extensions
  • Ultra tip hair extensions

In each of these categories, you can browse different options. They come in different designs and colors. The length of the fusion hair extensions ranges from 12 to 30 inches but talk to us about custom products if you need them.

To benefit your business, order different types from your fusion hair supplier. Each one is appropriate for a specific type of client, so by stocking a wide range, you can meet different customers’ needs. It will depend on your actual budget.

Depending on a client’s preferences and hair type, you can advise them on the fusion hair extension they should pick.

How do You Choose the Hair Quality According to Your Business Marketing Positioning?

When you order fusion hair extensions from a fusion hair manufacturer you need to buy what will sell easiest to your target audience. Research your customer base and determine if they prioritize quality or affordability. If your customers rather want cheaper products, you can stock more keratin hair extensions of lower quality, such as machinery Remy hair. For clients that don’t mind paying more and care more about the lifespan of the hair extension, stock Remy hair. 

How do You Decide if Your Clients are Suitable for Wearing Fusion Hair Extensions?

The great thing about fusion hair extensions is that it works for almost any type of client. Whether your clients have dense hair, coarse curls, or colored locks, the products you purchase are safe and practical options. 

Even for clients who have very fine hair, attaching the fusion hair extensions is completely safe. However, you should mention that the removal process of keratin hair extensions can damage the hair over time. They may decide to use a different product, such as clip-in hair extensions which are easier to be taken off.

Lastly, mention to clients that they should be careful not to use appliances like curling irons near the bonds. High temperatures can affect the keratin of the fusion hair extensions and let the strands fall out. So, if a client doesn’t think they can style their hair without risking the pre-bonded hair extensions to come loose, they may want to try a different product. A professional stylist can help to client to avoid this. 

Are Fusion Hair Extensions More Expensive than Other Types?

The price of any hair extension will depend on the quality of the raw hair used and also its ratio, not by the hair extension type. The fusion hair extensions can be at a higher or cheaper price than other types. 

Are there Custom Colors & Lengths of Fusion Hair Extensions Available?

For products for fusion hair extension China-based manufacturers like Haneway can offer custom options. You can pick any color and we’ll also do different lengths to suit your needs, and also any weight. 

Do Fusion Hair Extensions Have a Natural Looking?

After you install fusion hair extensions for a client it will be almost impossible for someone to tell he or she has extensions. This product blends in well with a person’s own hair, creating a very natural look. 

What is the Advantage of Fusion Hair Extensions Compared to Other Types of Hair Extensions?

With keratin hair extensions your customers get a low maintenance product because it requires fewer touch-ups than products like tape in hair extensions. It’s a better product to use with short and coarse hair. Fusion hair extensions also blend well, creating a very natural look. If you buy from a market-leading fusion hair extension vendor like Haneway you can order a wider variety of types, lengths, and colors. 

How do You Maintain Fusion Hair Extensions?

To keep fusion hair extensions looking great, customers must use the correct shampoo and never sleep with wet hair.

Also, clients must brush gently when detangling hair, so they don’t damage the fusion hair extensions. They should trim the keratin hair extensions every few weeks and avoid using hot hair tools, like straighteners, close to the bonds.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity You Can Get from Haneway Hair?

When using Haneway as your keratin hair extension manufacturer you usually don’t have to order a minimum quantity. Only with custom fusion hair extensions do we expect a minimum of 1kg for each color. 

What Can You Do if You Can’t Meet the MOQ Required by Haneway Hair Extension?

As a fusion hair extension wholesaler, Haneway enjoys helping our customers. So, if you can’t meet the MOQ requirement, please talk to one of our sales representatives. We will see if we can assist. 

Where Do Manufacturers of Fusion Hair Extensions Source Hair?

The hair in keratin hair extensions comes from across the globe. Most of it comes from Asia. Fusion hair extension manufacturers source it from Russia, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam to name a few. 

Where Can Fusion Hair Extensions Typically Be Purchased?

You can purchase keratin hair extensions from a fusion hair extension wholesaler/retailer/salon at local. China is one of the biggest exporters of hair, so it’s good to find a reputable fusion hair extension vendor in this country for your bulk order. 

Consumers usually need professional assistance to bond keratin hair extensions to their own hair. This is why it’s best for clients to purchase it from businesses like salons.

Can I Purchase My Bulk Fusion Hair Extensions Directly from China?

Yes, you can order and pay for your bulk fusion hair extension products from China. Haneway is a respected fusion hair manufacturer and sells a wide range of keratin hair extensions products to clients across the globe.

Haneway also supports businesses that want to use keratin hair extension products as part of their brand hair business. We can take care of packaging and labeling the fusion hair extension products with your brand’s logo.

Does Haneway Provide a Private Label Service for Fusion Hair Extensions?

You can benefit your business by using a fusion hair extension private label service from Haneway. We offer a complete service, so it’s less time and effort for you. Haneway can assist with packaging, design, and printing. Let’s add the fusion hair extension branding you want to use to promote your company. 

How Long Will it Take from Placing an Order for Fusion Hair to Receiving it?

It will depend on if the products are ordered in stock or it is customized products. Also, depending on how many quantities of the hair have been ordered. For more specific details, please chat with our hair extension guru.

How Long Does Shipping Take for an Order of Fusion Hair Extensions to the US or Other Countries? 

The timeline for shipping depends on how large your order of keratin hair extension products is and the type of shipping you use. An express package can take a few days or weeks. However, if the keratin hair extension manufacturer sends it with ocean freight it could take a month or longer. 

What will Fusion Hair Extension Shipping Costs be?

Haneway doesn’t charge the extra shipping cost. You just need to pay whatever the freight company charges the shipping based on your actual order. 

How are Fusion Hair Extensions Typically Produced?

One strand in your pack of fusion hair extensions is a combination of a few hairs and keratin. The keratin bond holds together the hair and usually, there’s around 1g of hair in a strand. The keratin bonds in the fusion hair extension products are formed into different shapes.

When you heat up this keratin while installing the keratin hair extensions, the square will melt and the stylist will mold it around the client’s own hair. The keratin will harden again and because the customer’s hair is now held by the keratin, the fusion hair extensions stay in place. 

How does the Quality of Fusion Hair Produced by Haneway Compare to Other Manufacturers?

When you use Haneway as your fusion hair extension manufacturer, you can have peace of mind that you’re buying quality goods. First of all, Haneway guarantee that raw hair sourcing is ethical.

Like fusion hair extensions suppliers, Haneway also has strict quality control measures in place in the fusion hair factory. This empowers Haneway to monitor quality throughout the production process. Because Haneway stays in control throughout the keratin hair extensions manufacturing, we can guarantee the high quality of our products. 

What Type of Payment Options are Available?

Using Haneway as your keratin hair extension supplier makes the buying process very easy. One reason is Haneway’s long list of payment options you can use. Even if you do fusion hair extension branding through Haneway you can pay for your order with PayPal, Western Union, WeChat Pay, AliPay, and a few other payment methods. Not sure if we use your preferred payment method for a fusion hair wholesale order? Contact us 24/7 to talk to one of our consultants and we’ll assist. 

What If I Have Other Questions Not Listed Here?

Did this list of fusion hair extension questions answer all your queries about the product? If not, let us know in the comment section below what questions you have regarding fusion hair extensions, and we’ll try our best to assist you with an industry answer.

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