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Haneway is an honest manufacturer of hair extensions and wigs in China. We offer both ODM & OEM services for salons, retailor, wholesalers, and distributors.

Professional Tape In Hair Extension Wholesaler & Manufacturer

Haneway is one of the professional hair extension and wig manufacturers in China. We can customize any type of tape on hair extensions including regular blue/white tape on hair extensions, Invisible Injection tape on hair extensions, Micro tape on hair extension, Double stitched tape on hair extension, and Holed tape on hair extension. Any colors combination with different color effects like piano, ombre, mix, and balayage. Any weight, length, and texture to fit your need for your brand.

Send us your need for your business, we will give you the best tape-on hair extension solution based on your detailed requirement.

Double Single Sided Tape Extension

Choose double or single-sided tape in hair extensions, available in a variety of hair colors and lengths.

Injection Seamless Tape In Extension

For extra grip and convenience in attaching, this injection/seamless tape in hair extension is a keen favorite.

double stitched tape

These tape-in hair extensions have double the stitching to ensure a longer-lasting fit.

Micro Mini Tape In Hair Extension

Smaller tape on these tape in hair extensions guarantee better concealment of the tape.

holed tape

No need for glue, clips, or chemicals to attach these holed tapes in hair extensions.

Orange Tape In Hair Extension

Choose orange tape in hair extensions as highlights or for a complete orange hair look.

Dark Purple Tape Extension

A deep color option for tape in hair extensions that adds more body to your hair.

Lavender Tape Extension

An exceptionally bold & beautiful color, this tape-in hair is perfect for highlights as well as a full lavender look.

Grey Tape In Hair Extension

Gorgeous grey tape in hair extensions that make an awesome addition to naturally blonde or sandy-colored hair.

Copper Tape In Hair Extension

Copper tape in hair extensions mimics naturally ginger-colored hair with a glistening metallic effect.

Color#10 Tape Extension

This color resembles a sandy brown that’s ideal for attaching to your natural color.

Color #60 Tape Extension

Platinum blonde tape in hair extensions comes in various lengths and adds a touch of elegance to natural hair.

Color P#12 613 Tape Extension

These sandy blonde tape in hair extensions are as natural looking as they come for a fully blended look.

Christmas Red Tape Extension

Get festive this holiday season with these deep Christmas Red tape in hair extensions.

Color #4 Tape In Hair Extension

Go for that natural brunette look with these dark brown tape-in hair extensions in a variety of lengths.

Hot Pink Tape In Hair Extension

A gorgeous pink option of tape in hair extensions that adds boldness to any natural color of hair as well as dyed colors.

Sun Flower Yellow Tape In Hair Extensions

A deeper yellow-blonde color variation of tape in hair extensions, perfect for naturally either dark or light skin tones.

Color T#4 27 Tape In Hair Extension

This variation of tape in hair extensions comes in glistening brown and works well with natural hair in any form or style.

Color T#12 60 Tape In Hair Extension

A lighter version of shiny brown, this tape-in hair extension will be the envy of your friends, family, and colleagues.

Neon Green Tape In Hair Extension

A striking variation of tape in hair extensions, this neon green makes a daring statement.

Color T#60 Dark Green Tape In Hair Extension

A blended green and white tape in hair extension that’s easy to apply in various lengths.

Color T#1B Dark Green Tape In Hair Extension

Transitioning from black to dark green, these tape-in hair extensions make amazing highlights for those with darker natural hair.

Ocean Blue Tape In Hair Extension

One of the deeper blue variations of tape in hair extensions with lots of body and a great sheen. Add more fun to your hair.

Color P#4 24 Tape In Hair Extension

Get a light brown with blonde highlights variation such as these striking tape-in hair extensions. Fall in love with this piano color look.

Rose Violet Tape In Hair Extension

Make a bold move with these incredibly versatile rose violet color tape in hair extensions.

Burgundy Tape In Hair Extension

Looking for a deeper, more vibrant color? Try the burgundy tape in hair extensions range.

Color #1B Silver Tape In Hair Extension

Fading from black into silver, these tape in hair extensions look superb and come in a variety of lengths.

Haneway: Leading Tape In Hair Extensions Wholesaler & Supplier

Haneway is a China-based manufacturer with years of experience in producing tape in hair extensions and other hair extension products, such as wigs, hairpieces. We are dedicated to offering our clientele lots of options in the tape in hair extensions market, making sure to be a one-stop supplier of tape in hair extensions.

Haneway can make various kinds of hair extension products for you. These include weft hair extension, tape-in hair extension, clip-in hair extension, keratin/pre-bonded hair extension, micro-ring hair extension, halo hair extension, ponytail hair extension, lace wig with mono top, Jewish wig, lace closure, lace frontal, and so on. 

We have different level qualities of raw hair for your selection including Remy hair, Machinery Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.  The quality of raw hair and the ratio of your hair extension product will affect the price of the product. According to your need for your hair extension business, you must be able to find the best solution from Haneway.

From different colors, textures, weights, and lengths, we all can customize for you, also include the private label service to help you build up your own brands (free packaging design).  Our full capacity for hair extensions can give you a one-stop solution so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers.

Send us an inquiry now, we will respond with a perfect hair extension product.

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Tape-in Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Tape in hair extensions has quickly become one of the most popular varieties of hair extensions in the US, Europe, and the rest of the globe.

This is your ultimate FAQ guide to all things related to tape in hair extensions. Are you a hair styling professional, a retail company looking to place mass orders, or a hair extension supplier? This list of questions will tell you all you need to know about tape-in hair extensions, their manufacturing process, and their viability as a styling option.

What is a Tape-In Hair Extension?

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most preferred options when it comes to hair extensions that look natural and blended. The natural-looking human hair extensions come with a tape application that can be attached to the subject’s own hair. This needs to be done professionally by someone who has experience doing so. That’s because tape hair extensions suppliers manufacture the tape to be sandwiched onto existing hair.

The tape in hair extensions can be bought separately from the extensions themselves. But it is way more convenient to buy the hair extensions you want from tape-in hair extensions suppliers. There are so many colors and options available that this is a popular option for those who buy tape in hair extensions in bulk from tape hair extension manufacturers.

Some tape hair manufacturers will supply the tape exclusively to small or medium hair extension companies who attach these tape applications themselves for reselling.

Why Do People Prefer to Use Tape In Hair Extensions to Other Attachment Options?

There are other hair extension attachment options that many believe to be inferior to tape in hair extensions. Let’s look at some of these and highlight the pros and cons compared to tape in hair extensions.

Weft In Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are a viable option for many, but this method of attaching hair extensions is semi-permanent. This wouldn’t work for someone who enjoys changing their look regularly. Another problem with weft hair attachments is that many subjects struggle to keep the hair extensions clean and untangled. This method can also be quite painful for some who have sensitive scalps.

Although tape in hair extensions also needs to be attached by a professional, the method is easier, less painful, and can last for up to 12 weeks if done correctly. There’s less of a hygiene problem, and the subject can change or replace their tape in hair extensions every 3 months or so.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are very convenient because the subject can simply clip them on themselves without the help of a professional. But this method is temporary at best and is only for people who are okay with removing their extensions at the end of every day. This option also tends to be less natural-looking than other options.

Tape-in hair extensions are long-lasting, and the subject can comfortably go to bed without having to remove the extension before sleeping. It’s also a more natural-looking option because it blends in well with existing hair.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions require a complicated (and often expensive) heating method to attach. While this is probably one of the most advanced ways of attaching hair extensions, it can be costly to get a professional to do it.

Tape in hair extensions is often preferred over Keratin hair extensions because of the quickness of attachment. That’s also because it’s a less pricy option.

How Long Can Tape In Hair Extensions Last on Someone’s Head?

Tape in hair extensions is known to last between 8 and 12 weeks. Although tape hair extension manufacturers produce a high-quality tape that is sticky enough to hold for a long time, these do eventually lose their grip on natural hair due to oiliness, washing, and general wear & tear.

Will Tape In Hair Extensions Damage Someone’s Natural Hair?

tape in hair extensions is a keen choice for this very reason. That’s because most people prefer to change their look every 3 months or so. This makes the tape in hair extensions a less permanent option and a much more preferred one.

Tape in hair extensions is one of the safest ways to preserve your current natural hair. There is minimal damage caused by these products. That is why it has become such a viable option over other methods of hair extensions that do damage the scalp and/or hair follicles.

How Does Someone Properly Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions?

A person with tape in hair extensions won’t need to brush regularly with a normal hairbrush. But it is recommended that they keep the hair itself as untangled as possible throughout the day. Brushing is best done with a proper hair extension brush. But this should never be done while the hair is wet.

Washing tape in hair extensions is good and recommended. But going to bed with the tape in hair extensions wet is a sure way to decrease their longevity.

Can I Apply Tape In Hair Extensions Myself?

It is recommended that you get a hairstylist to apply your tape in hair extensions. This will ensure that they are done properly and look as natural as possible. If not applied correctly, you may run the risk of your new tape in hair extensions not looking natural. You also run the risk of the extension not blending well with your current hair.

Is it Painful to Have Tape In Hair Extensions Fitted?

One of the main reasons so many people opt for tape in hair extensions is because they are one of the least painful options. Any hair styling professional who has experience with tape in hair extensions will attach it for you without any pain during the process.

Hair extension retailers and hairstyling professionals who own salons are encouraged to opt for tape in hair extensions. This is becoming a more popular product because of its pain-free reputation. Speak to one of the many trusted tape-in hair extensions suppliers in China to order yours.

Where Can Consumers Buy Tape In Hair Extensions Nearby?

If you are a consumer looking for tape in hair extensions, there are likely many places close to you that sell them. So, if you have a friend who is doing your tape in hair extensions for you, here are some places you can buy one that suits you.

          Beauty stores

          Retail stores


But the best place to find tape in hair extensions is directly from your hair styling professional. They will have multiple options to choose from, and you can have them attached there and then by someone who knows how.

The best hair styling professionals buy their products from tape hair extension manufacturers overseas.

How Natural Do Tape In Hair Extensions Look?

One of the biggest reasons tape in hair extensions is so popular is because they blend extremely well with existing hair. It’s a very natural-looking hair extension option. That is why so many tape hair extensions suppliers exist globally.

It is also important to remember that tape in hair extensions should be attached by a professional. That is because this will enhance the natural look of the final result. It is also recommended that you use a hair extension professional who gets their hair extension supplies from a high-quality source.

There are many good tape hair extension manufacturers in China. A good example is Haneway, one of the most trusted and popular tape-in hair extensions suppliers in the world.

Can Tape In Hair Extensions Be Readjusted?

If you’ve had your tape in hair extensions for a few weeks and don’t want to part with them just yet, you can have them readjusted to fit by a hairstylist. These professionals can often prolong the duration of your tape-in hair extension life. This is achieved by performing some quick maintenance. So you don’t necessarily have to fork out for a whole new pack of tape in hair extensions.

How Much Do Tape In Hair Extensions Cost if I Buy them Myself from a Store?

If you’re buying directly from a retailer, you can pay around $300 – $400 for a pack of 3 tapes in hair extensions. If you’re buying single units, you can expect to pay about $160 each.

This unit cost obviously decreases massively if you are buying bulk from a tape-in hair extensions manufacturer directly. Prices will obviously vary depending on the quality, retailer, and the tape in hair extensions suppliers you are purchasing from.

I’ve Just Started a Small Hair Styling Salon. Should I Order My Tape In Hair Extensions Directly from China?

Even small businesses can benefit from ordering their tape in hair extensions abroad. These companies can also rest assured that large-scale tape hair extension factory China will be supplying to smaller salons.

Since hair extensions are such a huge industry in the US and Europe, it makes sense to buy in bulk and keep stock for those times when you need tape-in hair extensions for your clients. Once you have gauged whether it is a viable hair extension option, you can order a larger order for future requests, and pay less per unit as a result.

How is the Tape in Hair Extensions Manufactured?

A tape hair extensions factory in China often executes a simple process. This process has been upscaled to be produced en mass in order to keep up with the high demand. Real hair is used in most instances, whether it is colored or kept as its natural color.

A specialized machine produces the tape itself, which is designed specifically for hair extension attachment purposes. This tape is then attached to the tops of the hair extensions with a heat press. The attaching ensures long-lasting bonding.

The taped part of the tape in the hair extension is then separated into smaller groups of hair. After this process, it still remains attached as one general group of smaller hair extension parts. This makes attachment easier for the professional who is attaching the hair.

Some tape in hair extension manufacturers can produce thousands of these per day. This type of mass production helps the industry hugely. Many of these hair extensions suppliers will take orders from the US and Europe and produce bulk amounts of various tape in hair extension colors. A tape hair extension factory in China will always try to meet the demands of those countries.

Where are Tape in Hair Extensions Produced?

Most of the large-scale tape in hair extensions is manufactured in China. These are specialized tape hair extension factory China that own the equipment needed to produce high-quality tape in hair extensions. They can produce by the thousands per day.

While some countries and retailers produce their own tape in hair extensions, these are usually done on a smaller scale than a tape hair extension factory in China. The former will also rarely be able to beat the price of a China manufacturer due to mass production.

Who Supplies Bulk Orders of Tape in Hair Extensions?

For exceptionally large orders of tape in hair extensions, you would probably do best to make your purchase from a tape hair extension factory in China. There are multiple corporations that supply this particular type of hair extension. Many of them can meet massive orders that run into the hundreds of thousands.

You can search for these companies yourself on the web, but Haneway is one of the most trusted and established tape hair extension factory China. They have become well known around the world for producing large quantities of all types of hair extensions. Haneway also continues to do so for large resellers as well as salons and private hair professionals.

Can I Order Custom Colors of Tape in Hair Extensions?

Yes! The great thing about placing a custom order from a tape hair extensions factory in China is that you can dictate the color of your tape as well as the hair itself. Professionals often have various reasons for wanting different color tape in hair extensions. The reason for this could be because of variety, uniqueness, ease of identification, branding, or simply customer preference. You can follow our color chart or have us follow your color chart. Both ways are working.

Are there Length Variations in the Tape for Hair Extensions?

The fact that you’re buying tape in hair extensions does not negate the fact that you can still choose a bunch of other varieties conducive to the hair extensions themselves. There are no limits to the types, colors, or lengths of your hair extensions. That is why tape hair extension manufacturers accommodate them all.

This means you can order short, medium-length, or long hair extensions in the tape in variety without having to worry about the attachment process at all. Tape-in hair extensions are compatible with all types, colors, and lengths of hair extensions, making this one of the most popular types in the industry. Haneway can do from 10inch up to 30inch most of the time, also can have longer than 30inch time.

Who Would Be the Perfect Person for Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are perfect for anyone who wants natural-looking hair. These extensions make hair look longer, fuller, and as if they have more body. It’s also perfect for someone who wants highlights of a different color, which looks as if it’s blended in with their natural hair.

Who Would Place Large Orders of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Bulk orders for tape in hair extensions are perfect for the following businesses:

  • Distributor of the brand company
  • Wholesalers of different brands of hair
  • Retailers who sell hair equipment and/or beauty products.
  • Resellers who specialize mainly in hair extensions or hair care products in general.
  • Hairstyling professionals would prefer to order their products directly from tape-in hair extension manufacturers for cost reasons.
  • A company that wants a tape hair extensions private label to promote their own brand.

Can I Order My Tape in Hair Extensions with Custom Branding?

The absolute best tape hair extensions factory China has to offer will always allow the medium to large orders to come with custom branding for their clients.

Many hair salons, hair extension resellers, and even retail stores prefer to have their own tape hair extension private label on their tape in hair extensions. That’s because they are conscious of the importance of branding. They prefer using that tape hair extension branding as a means of word-of-mouth marketing.

Does Custom Branding Cost a Lot More?

Not really. A custom tape hair extension private label is often an affordable option when ordering bulk tape in hair extensions. Because these hair extensions are mass-produced, branding doesn’t cost tape hair extension manufacturers much more to do. An affordable surcharge is usually added. The larger the order, the more affordable the custom tape hair extension branding will eventually be.

Will I Pay Less for Bulk Orders of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Like with most things, the more you buy, the less you will pay for the individual product. Tape in hair extensions is no different. The tape hair extensions factory China manufacturers work in will usually offer a lower unit cost price if the order is above a certain amount. From that point on the price will usually work on a sliding scale according to the size of your order.

For this reason, retailers and resellers of tape in hair extensions will often get very low unit prices. This means they can sell their products at a more competitive price. Hair salons and styling professionals may decide to place a bulk order from tape hair extension manufacturers. This allows them to stock up for a year or longer so that they too can offer low prices to their clients.

How Long Does Shipping Take for an Order of Tape-In Hair Extensions to the US?

If you are researching tape in hair extensions as a reseller, you may be wondering what the general lead time of a bulk order would be. But if you’re looking to place a small order with a tape hair extension factory in China, you may be more concerned that a small order may not be worth the waiting time.

In either case, it’s important to remember that the lead time for your tape in hair extensions order will depend on the size of it. Larger orders will take longer to manufacture. Smaller orders may take longer to ship to the US due to shipping costs and methods.

Many tape-in hair extensions suppliers may over promise and under deliver, which can be bad for business. In our experience, it has been helpful to place orders with reliable tape in hair extensions suppliers. These factories will stick to their shipping times and deliver within a reasonable time—despite the size of the order.

What Does Shipping Cost for an Order of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Again, this will depend on the size of your order. Presuming you are ordering from China to save costs, it would be prudent to consider placing a large order so that your shipping and unit costs are worthwhile.

You should also work the shipping price into your own unit cost price so that you can be sure that you are still making a decent profit. Haneway doesn’t charge the extra shipping fee. The shipping cost for clients is exactly base on the weight of the package, which is charged by the freight company like FedEx/DHL/Ups.

Can I Just Order Extra Tape Replacement for Tape-In Hair Extensions?

For Haneway our clients, we can provide the extra tape replacement for you to purchase if you want to prepare for replacing the tape for your clients. Just like our other products I-tip hair extension, we also have the microbeads to offer for your convenience.

What If I Have Other Questions Not Listed Here?

Did this list of tape-in hair extension questions answer all your queries about the product? If not, let us know in the comment section below what questions you have regarding tape in hair extensions, and we’ll try our best to assist you with an industry answer.



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