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hand tied weft hair extension

A soft thin extension, offering the best in comfort thanks to delicate webbing and being hand braided.

flat weft hair extension

The least bulky option, making it an even better option than sew-in or machinery wefts.

machinery weft hair extension

A combination of advanced machinery and safe glue results in soft but strong extensions that won’t shed.

PU skin weft hair extension

A knotless weft ensures it’s not visible once it’s in place. Silk prevents PU from breaking if you do replacements.

Micro bead weft hair extension

The #1 option when a client with fine hair needs volume and secured attachment.

Ultra tip hair extension

Impress clients with reusable extensions that won’t become damaged.

I Tip Hair Extension

Help clients with thinning hair find the perfect solution. Each strand is applied separately and requires no glue or heat. Easy to remove.

V tip hair extension

You’ll find the hair tips bonded in a V-shape with the help of keratin. A flat, invisible extension that’s easily taken out.

Flat tip hair extension

Licensed stylists must apply these extensions that have quality keratin tips. Heat up the tip to mold it around the natural hair.

keratin hair extension

The name comes from the U-shape of the extension. Heat it in order to apply it to the hair.

micro ring hair

Instead of using a braid, heat, or glue, simply thread the extension in by using some of the natural hair.

nano ring

Compared with the micro ring, 90% smaller rings make them more discreet and easy to blend in with natural hair.

Soft Tip hair extension

Clients are guaranteed a secure fit and comfort and they work better for those with sensitive scalps.

Pu Clip In Hair Extension

A design that offers fewer visibility thanks to a seamless PU clip-on that will lie flat against the head.

Regular Clip In Hair Extension

Offer clients a product that’s easy to use. The weft contains tiny clips, making them simple to hide under your hair.

#27_613 tape on hair extension

A semi-permanent pre-taped hair extension product, containing 1 inch wide medical-grade adhesive.

injection tape on

The new product on today’s market! So easily hidden and lightweight. Hair just looks like growing out of the scalp.

micro tape on hair extension

Enjoy the ease of using the tape extensions are known for, while clients benefit from the flexibility.

halo hair extension

Avoid weaves, clips, glue, and tape but still, offer your clients length or volume. Halo is also a good choice for your client.

ponytail hair extension

The easy solution to provide your clients with a classic look that is trendy.

ziplox hair extension

Without using sewing, adhesive, weaves, tape or glue, you can offer clients accessories for more length and volume.

hair bulk

Give clients the opportunity to make their own custom weft hair extensions. Sell them a hair bundle containing no weft, so their creativity can run wild.

Fringe Bang

No need for clients to cut hair if they’re not sure if they want bangs. Simply add these clips for a new look.

full lace wig#6:613

We sell wigs of various sizes, to suit any client’s head. Types include lace front wigs, full lace and some others your clients will love.

Haneway—The Virgin Hair Extension in China that Helps You Beat the Competition and Keep Clients Smiling

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, you need the best in the business on your side. After almost 20 years in the business, Haneway understands the market. We developed a supply chain that gives you exactly what you need to optimize your company’s outcomes, whether you’re managing a salon or running a wholesale business.

From Haneway you’re guaranteed:

  • All-in-one solutions: We produce hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, hair accessories, but also help our clients with many other popular products in these niches, such as false eyelashes, mannequins. Save time and money by using one vendor for all your needs.
  • Quality: We source quality hair and manage a manufacturing process that only delivers the best.
  • Product variety: From weft hair extensions to clip-ins and ponytail hair extensions, Haneway manufactures it all. Multiple colors and textures are available.
  • Service: We’re available 24/7 and provide expert advice based on our years of expertise.
  • Custom options: We help our clients build their businesses with innovative options, such as a private label service, packaging design, custom products, and drop shipping.

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on getting you the best products.

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Virgin Hair Extension- FAQ Guide

A perfect hairstyle may require a perfect hair extension and for that, there is no better option than a virgin hair extension. It is the best quality hair that you can ever have.

For thinking of making some money, you can surely think of starting a business as a virgin hair extension wholesaler. Haneway is one of the largest virgin hair extension manufacturers in China from where you can get the supply of the extension.

For that, you will need to know in-depth details about virgin hair extensions. This FAQ guide is here to back up all the information you need to know before becoming a virgin hair extension wholesale vendor.

How to determine the quality of virgin hair extensions?

Virgin hair extension is the finest quality hair that is made by collecting raw human hair without being processed with chemicals or anything. So, it should be like freshly cut hair.

Determining the quality of virgin hair extensions is necessary to understand their authenticity. You can do that by knowing these 3 things:

Figure 1: Virgin hair extension

  • Know from where the hair has originated as it mostly comes from Asia, especially from India.
  • The hair tends to be soft, shiny, flexible, thick, and strong naturally without any enhancement.
  • Mostly the human hair is collected by the virgin hair extension vendorsfrom the people who donate the hair voluntarily.

You can find the best quality virgin hair extensions available in Haneway.

What are the differences between virgin hair and Remy hair?

If you want to purchase the best one, then you can either choose Remy or virgin hair extensions as these maintain the gold standard for human hairpieces.

The price for these is a little high and requires proper maintenance for durability and styling and looks almost the same but there are some differences:

Virgin hair extensions: It is made of natural human hair that has been processed or altered, even not being colored. The cuticles remain at the place aligned in the same direction. The virgin hair extension vendors collect the hair from a single donor to make the extension.

This is the highest quality hair and is sought-after among all types of hair. It blends so naturally and lasts for years if taken care of nicely.

Figure 2: Virgin and Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extension: It is made of human hair that has unstripped cuticles and the strands go in the same direction. It is easy to detangle and gives dense look to your hair.

This type of hair can be chemically treated for texture and color that may change the direction of the cuticles. It lasts for several months by following a good hair care routine.

Is there any difference between raw hair and virgin hair extension?

Even though raw hair and virgin hair look and define almost the same, there are a few differences. The hair for raw hair extension is collected right after it has been cut from the donor.

The cuticles in raw hair remain aligned in the same direction and the most natural state without being processed, bleached, permed, dyed, or chemically altered and keep it damage-free.

However, virgin hair extensions are made of raw hair with the same feature but they can be treated with some products to give it a texture and shine.

Figure 3: Shiny virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extensions can be colored, permed, bleached, or dyed to initiate some versatility into it. The hair can remain in the good condition and you can use and maintain it as if your natural hair.

Can you distinguish the types of virgin hair that are used for the extension?

You need an expert eye and some experience to distinguish the type of hair that has been used in your virgin hair extension. In raw virgin hair extension, the hair remains in the most natural state as it has never been processed.

Remy virgin hair extensions are not collected from a single donor and require some alteration but not with any chemicals. It can easily tangle or may shed if the hair becomes dry and lacks moisturizer.

Figure 4: Black natural virgin hair

You can also find Keratin-enriched virgin hair that is washed and treated with naturally derived protein to enhance its durability and beauty. It gives a more premium texture and you can color it without the fear of damage.

How do you know if the extension is made of virgin hair?

Virgin hair is untouched human hair that has been used for making virgin hair extensions without any chemical or color treatment. It is collected directly from the donors and keeps it intact until sold to its desired customer.

Figure 5: Lady in black hair extension

It has never been bleached, colored, permed, curled, or straightened. Once the hair has undergone some color treatment or is styled using heating tools, the hair doesn’t remain virgin anymore.

Is virgin hair good for hair extensions and weaves?

Virgin hair is always the best option for extensions and weaves because of its level of purity and durability. It gives you the benefits of natural hair that blends perfectly in the softest and silky texture.

Virgin hair extensions are a bit expensive but it is all worth it because it is healthy and the cuticles remain intact. Therefore, the hair doesn’t get frizzy or rough and it feels soft and shiny.

Figure 6: Natural long hair

Though it can be a bit tricky to match the color of virgin hair extensions or weaves along with your natural hair. You may need to use hair dye to match it but with proper care, your hair can be in a better condition for a long time.

What are the ways to spot real virgin hair extensions?

It is almost impossible to spot the differences between real virgin hair extensions and fake ones. You need to check a few things, such as:

  • Cuticle: Make sure the cuticles are not stripped and the hair must feel smooth while running your finger from top to bottom. You can feel some resistance in the 100% virgin hair extensions.
  • Imperfect: As the hair is collected straight from the donor, so the virgin hair is supposed to have some irregularities in it before making up an extension. Even the ends of the virgin hair extensions can have a lighter shade or become thinner than the roots.

Figure 7: Natural virgin hair

  • Reaction: 100% natural virgin hair extensiontends to become frizzy and dry in extreme weather conditions just like your natural hair. You can also check by burning the hair, if it turns into ash without any chemical smell then it is made of real hair.
  • Texture: The texture of the real virgin hair extensions should be soft but not too smooth or silky, especially since it will not have any fake glossiness.
  • Tangle: Virgin hair extensions can tangle and shed in time because it is made of natural human hair. You can comb the hair strands to determine.

Is virgin hair extension the best quality? What is the highest grade virgin hair?

Virgin hair extension is considered to be the highest quality of hair and the most popular kind of extension. For more versatility, it is the most liked hair extension across the world.

The cuticle layer lies outside of the hair as it retains the best quality. Therefore, it can be frizzy and roughed up but it is the healthiest hair with nice and natural shine.

Figure 8: High-quality virgin hair extension

You can treat the virgin hair extension as if your hair. You can put on any color you want and do any style you want without any worry of damaging the hair.

The highest grade is 10A which defines the greatest quality of human hair which is virgin hair extension.

How long does a virgin hair extension last? How to maintain it for its endurance?

Virgin hair extension is the purest kind of hair extension that can last at least 12 months to more than 2 years if taken care of properly. Here are some tips regarding hair maintenance:

  • Always comb your hair to make sure the extensions are not tangling. Use wide teeth detangling hairbrushes to comb your hair even before washing.
  • Wash your virgin hair extensionevery alternative day using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It keeps your hair moisturized enough and keeps it non-frizzy.
  • Exfoliating your scalp is necessary to keep the virgin hair extension Use good haircare products to reduce excess oil and dead skin cells from the scalp.
  • Try to dry your hair in natural air. If you want you can use a hairdryer once the hair is lightly wet.

Figure 9: Washing off hair

  • For nourishing your hair and to keep the virgin hair extensionhydrated, apply coconut oil once or twice a month.
  • You can use a hair mask or protein pack in your hair and scalp for keeping your hair glossy for a long time.

Where do virgin hair extensions come from?

Virgin hair extensions are made of human hair and the majority of them come from India and China. Some of it comes from Indonesia, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

People from these countries cut their hair deliberately and sell it to virgin hair extension vendors. They supply it to the virgin hair extension manufacturer for making up the extensions.

Figure 10: Natural virgin hair extension

The manufacturers collect, wash, dry, and take it to the next steps for creating extensions and deliver it to the virgin hair extension suppliers or wholesalers.

Haneway is one of the best virgin hair extension manufacturers in China to make and supply virgin hair extensions across the world.

How can I start my own virgin hair extension business?

The first step requires you to find a trusted source of virgin hair extension supplier or manufacturer. You can get in touch with Haneway as it is highly renowned for high-quality virgin hair extension manufacturer.

Figure 11: Samples of hair extensions

You can search on the internet as well for the sources of virgin hair extension suppliers, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, DHgate, Doris Beauty, etc. Check reliability by paying a visit and asking about:

  • Raw materials
  • Production process
  • Quality control
  • Quotes
  • Samples

Always keep in touch with your virgin hair extension supplier and keep track of your products. Never compromise with the quality as it is the key to the virgin hair extension wholesale business.

Is it worth it to start a virgin hair extension business?

If you are thinking of starting a virgin hair extension wholesaler business, then it is high time as the demand is upward due to the latest fashion trend of creating different hairstyles.

It is 100% worth it to start a business targeting the most sales during the time of events like fashion weeks, festivals, and holidays when demands are at their peak.

Figure 12: Putting on hair extension

Your target customers are salons, hairdressers, hairstylists, beauty stores, as well as hair clinics. Luxurious hotels and spas can also be your clients for virgin hair extensions.

What should you do for branding and packaging the virgin hair extension?

Virgin hair extension branding and packaging are highly important for promoting your virgin hair extension wholesaler business. You need to customize your virgin hair extension with your virgin hair extension private label.

Branding helps to attract potential clients and packaging keeps your product in good condition. So, focus on the virgin hair extension private label that includes your brand name and logo.

Choose a name easy to pronounce and that anyone can remember as a brand. Create an eye-catchy logo that represents your brand and grabs attention.

Figure 13: Virgin hair extension packaging idea

Custom your virgin hair extension with an exclusive and classy packaging design. A poor packaging design may fail to attract your customers and may not recommend your brand to others.

Always include your virgin hair extension private label on the package along with your contact details so your potential customers can find you to give you more business.

What marketing strategy should I follow to sell virgin hair extensions successfully?

Great marketing can lift your brand as a virgin hair extension wholesale vendor. You need to start expanding your virgin hair extension branding both online and offline.

Start by creating an online presence through a website and social media platforms. The website needs to be bold, catchy, informative, and easy to browse from smartphones and computers.

Open social media handles especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can showcase your products and advertise some model profiles to your target audience to let them know about your existence.

Publish regular blogs on your website and post something regularly to expand and increase your reach. Drive traffic towards your virgin hair extension business as much as you can.

Figure 14: Promote your brand online and offline

Use your virgin hair extension private label everywhere but don’t make it too much. Include sponsored ads for virgin hair extension branding in social media, web browser, and email marketing as well.

For offline promotion, you can collaborate with different brands and salons who will let you put your banner and your virgin hair extension private label in various shows and recommend others.

You can advertise in newspapers and magazines, billboards. And hire social media influencers for your virgin hair extension branding.

Can I do dropshipping for selling off virgin hair extensions?

For selling off your virgin hair extension without holding it in inventory, you can consider a drop shipping service. The virgin hair extension manufacturer or supplier will hold your product and ship it on your behalf of you.

Some virgin hair extension manufacturers can give you this opportunity to avail. Haneway offers a drop shipping service.

Figure 15: Showcasing hair extension

As soon as you get an order for a virgin hair extension, you can ask Haneway to take care of it. They can help you with your virgin hair extension private label as well.

You can be relaxed sitting and Haneway will make the dropshipping to the designated address on your behalf and both parties will make money from the sale.

Anything else you need to know?

Hope this FAQ guide has been a great help for you to get all the answers you need to know before starting your business as a virgin hair extension wholesaler.

If you still have some questions that you think we have missed, feel free to send us your queries. Our customer service is open 24/7 so whenever you want you can knock us for anything.

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