HNW-HTW-101 Hand Tied Weft Hair Extension

Comparing to the machine weft hair extension, the hand-tied weft hair extension has delicate webbing made by hand braiding, it is soft, thin, and comfortable after put on the head. But the labor fee of handwork is much higher than machine weft. The led time for hand-tied weft hair extensions is also much longer than the machine weft hair extensions and other weft hair extensions.

  • Hair Type: 100% Human Hair
  • Hair Quality: Virgin hair, Remy hair, machinery Remy hair, non-Remy hair
  • Hair Length: 12-30 inches
  • Hair Colors: Jet black to blond, ombre colors, mixed colors & more. (Please download our Color Chart or Contact for custom colors.)
  • Weight: 100g, 120g, 160g/pack (or made as per your requirements)


hair specification

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Hair extension length guide

Hand-tied Weft Hair Extension: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Hair extensions are the latest trend to grow hair instantly that will give a fuller and thicker look to your hair. Hand-tied weft hair extension can be a great solution for this.

It is high time, to begin with, hand-tied extensions if you are willing to start a business in fashion. The demand is high for the fastest solution to longer, thicker, and natural-looking hair with hand-tied hair extensions.

Before you become a hand-tied weft extension wholesaler, you should have some basic knowledge about hand-tied weft extensions. This FAQ guide will give you the answers with explanations.

What is hand weft hair extension? How is it made?

Hand weft extension is a method of installing hair extensions. It is one type of sew-in hair extension method that can be done using hands.

It is the best hand-tied extension method that will add some volume to your hair along with extra length. The process comes out so good that none could say if it is the extension or your natural hair.

Hand-tied weft hair extension is painless and doesn’t put much tension on your head or scalp so you won’t feel heavy or get a headache. Seamless process for getting longer-looking hair.

Hand tied weft hair extension


Hand-tied weft hair extension is made of the best quality hair which is natural human remy hair. This gives you the shine of natural hair keeping it healthy and long-lasting.

If you are thinking of starting over to become a hand-tied weft hair extension wholesale vendor, you can get in touch with Haneway. It is one of the famous hand-tied weft hair extension manufacturers. 

How long do hand-tied weft extensions last?

According to some hairstylist experts, hand-tied extensions can last 6 to 9 months. To some extent, it may last for around a year.

The timespan of lasting hand-tied hair extensions depends on how fast your hair grows and how you take care of it. You can also reuse the hand-tied extensions for 6 to 8 months, generally speaking.

Handtied hair extensions

Make sure you properly detangle, cleanse, and moisturize your hair while wearing a hand-tied weft hair extension. This will keep your hair and extension protected from damage.

To get the high-quality hand-tied weft hair extension manufacturers, you should contact Haneway. 


Are hand-tied weft extensions damaging? Does it cause hair loss?

No, hand-tied weft hair extension doesn’t cause damage to your real hair. The application method doesn’t require tape or glue or heating tools so there will be zero signs of damage.

Hand-tied hair extensions help to maintain the health of your hair without creating any obstacle to its natural growth. As long as you take good care, both your hair and extension will look amazing.

The hair is collected from different sources that are pre-cut and hand-sewn for creating the smallest size possible for the wefts. It will then attach to your hair so it can blend seamlessly with your natural hair and texture.

No damage in hair

You need to take good care before and after hand-tied hair extensions are done so it doesn’t cause hair damage or hair loss. Without proper care and protection, you may face some hair loss.

Can you wear your hair up with hand-tied weft extensions?

Yes, of course, you can do any hairstyle as well as wear hair up or down with hand-tied hair extensions. Even you can do exercise and every other thing that you usually do with it.

Hair up do hair style

If the application process is correctly done, you can put up any style without thinking of damaging your hand weft extensions. Do a pony, curl, or any type of braided styling with your hair without any fear.

Are our hand-tied wefts good for thin hair? Are hand-tied wefts comfortable to wear?

Hand-tied weft extensions for thin are the best solution to get desired volume and length to your natural thin hair. Hand-tied weft hair extension is widely popular among those who have thin hair.

Hand weft extensions blend seamlessly with naturally thin hair. Make sure you get this done with expert hands so that it cannot cause any damage to your scalp.

Hand-tied weft extensions are much more flexible than any other type of hair extension. You will barely feel the extensions once it is attached to your hair. This will not cause you any trouble.


How many wefts in a row do you need for a full head?

If you want to get your hair done with a hand-tied weft hair extension, you may need 2 to 4 wefts. Though it may differ generally the number of wefts will remain between 4 to 8 wefts.

One row of hand weft extensions will be enough for a perfect fuller look. You can get 2 or 3 hand-tied extensions if you want to depend on the look you want to create.

Typically, you will need 100 grams of hair for average to normal thickness. For a voluminous thicker hair look, you should get 150 to 200 grams of hair in your hand-tied weft hair extension.

Hand-tied weft hair extension


You can get any length of best hand-tied extensions from Haneway. It provides the best quality hand-tied weft hair extensions in China. 

How to install hand-tied hair extensions? How long does it take to put in?

The process of installing hand-tied hair extensions is done by attaching the weft to your natural hair. The hairstylist will separate your hair into sections for installing the hand weft extension.

From there, they will select tiny sections of hair at one time and slip small silicone-lined beads into the hair in specific places. The beads will be attached to the base of the hair extensions.

The weight of the hand-tied weft extensions will be distributed evenly so your hair can be put naturally. It also creates a secure and even base for your hair.

Once the installation of hand-tied hair extensions is done, none can see the parts of the extensions because they will be disguised inside your hair. It will have a seamless blend.

The process is painless. The best hand-tied weft extension will last longer but you may need to move it up every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your hair growth.

How do you wash or maintain your hair with weft extensions?

Once you have applied for the hand-tied extension you need to take good care of your hair and extension. Proper care will make you last longer with the same natural shine.

Maintain your hand-tied weft hair extension at home following these steps:

washing head in a hair salon
Hairdresser washing head her client. Woman in a hair salon
  1. Keep your hair free from tangling brush and comb frequently with untangling hairbrush. Snag in your hand-tied weft hair extension can damage it.
  2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to clean your hair. Use moisturized shampoo so the hair including extension doesn’t make your hair dry.
  3. Dry your hair and scalp once you shampoo and cleanse your hair with water. Or else it may mildew.
  4. Sleep in a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf in a loose top knot to keep your hair soft and silky. A cotton pillowcase can make your hair dry and cause friction.
  5. Always pat dry your hair with a soft towel and make sure it is completely dry before you go to bed. Use heat-resistant hair products before using a hairdryer, straightener, or curler.



How long does your hair have to be to get hand-tied extensions?

You can get hand-tied extensions on short hair. Make sure the hair is as long as 3 inches to stick the beads. The installation needs to be a bit crafty so it sticks.

Hand-tied extensions on short hair look amazing. No matter the length of your hair, your hairstylist should be experienced enough so your hair will look gorgeous without any snags. 

When you get hand-tied extensions on short hair you should let me know if you do a heavy workout daily or your hair condition. So that you can have a natural blend without any damage before and after hand tied extensions.


Do hand-tied extensions work well with any type of hair? Is it good for curly hair?

Hand-tied hair extensions work well with any type of hair no matter if you have curly, straight, wavy, thin, or thick hair. It will look good and blend with all types of hair naturally. 

You need to choose the accurate texture of hand-tied weft extensions for the perfect blend according to your hair texture. The beads will set and lay flatter on the scalp by detangling your hair closer to the root. 

Use thin hand-tied weft extensions for thin hair texture so it doesn’t look bulky and lightweight for thick hair. For wavy hair, hand-tied weft hair extensions add volume to your hair.



You can have curly hand-tied extensions if you have curly hair. You can get 100% natural curls in curly hand-tied extensions without using any chemicals or perms.

Get French refined, deep wave, Brazilian wave, or tight curls in the curly hand-tied extensions according to the texture of your hair. Get any of the best hand-tied weft extensions from Haneway.

What is the cost of hand-tied extensions and installation? Will it be profitable for a business?

The cost of hand-tied hair extensions depends on many things including length, volume, texture, color, etc. You need to spend around $170 for installing each row and $120 to tighten it up periodically. 

Generally, the hand-tied hair extension costs begin from $200 which can go up to $1400 based on the type you choose. People usually take 4 to 8 hand-tied weft extensions but for extra volume, you can take 10 wefts.

Handtied weft extensions


For investing as a hand-tied weft hair extension wholesaler, it is surely a profitable business. The price of hand-tied weft extensions starts from $145 for a bulk price. 

You can get it from hand-tied weft hair extension vendors or suppliers and sell it to your target market at a profit. The many the wefts will be used, the more you can earn profit from it.

For more guidance, you can contact Haneway. It is a well-known hand-tied weft hair extension manufacturer and supplier in China. 


Why choose hand-tied weft hair extension? How would you get a trustable vendor or supplier for it?

There are various hair extensions in the market but choosing the best one is the hand weft extension. It provides satisfaction to what clients need.

Hand-tied weft extensions have many benefits including:

  • Provides a different level of thickness that you can cut and style according to your choice.
  • Causes minimal to no damage to your natural hair or incurs no pain.
  • You can change color or pick any style for long-term use.
  • Matches your natural hair flawlessly.

Because of these advantages, the demand for hand-tied hair wefts is following the upward trend. If you expand your business then you need to find a trustable source of hand-tied weft hair extension vendor or supplier.


To start a business as a hand-tied weft hair extension wholesaler, you need to make effective research regarding hand-tied weft hair extension suppliers or manufacturers.

For that, you can contact directly to the hand-tied weft hair extension manufacturers as well.

If possible, pay a visit to the manufacturer or supplier warehouse or ask for samples. In that case, Haneway can be a trustable source for hand-tied weft hair extension wholesale vendors.

However, you can also search for hand-tied weft hair extension suppliers from online e-commerce B2B portals.


How can hand-tied hair extensions help to grow your business?

The hair industry is largely motivated by the best hand-tied weft extensions. As users are having the benefits of using hand-tied hair extensions, the demand is growing day by day.

Hand-tied extensions help the clients to maintain the same lifestyle. It is easy to maintain and a style that people are more into it. 

Though hand tied weft extension method has started a few years ago it has gained immense popularity. The demand is growing so it is high time to start your business as a hand-tied weft hair extension wholesaler.

Who are you targeting to sell hand-tied hair extensions? How will you grab the market?

Salons, hairdressers, and hairstylist professionals are the major target of hand-tied hair extensions. People will visit their place for getting done hand-tied weft extensions.

You can also target beauty stores and spas for hand-tied weft hair extensions. Local stores can also be your target customer for selling the hand-tied wefts. 

Some online e-commerce platforms, fashion houses, or retail shops can have your key customers as well. You should keep them on your list for selling hand-tied weft hair extensions. 

To grab the attention of your target customers, you need to promote your hand-tied weft hair extension branding. Use some effective marketing tricks to let people know you exist.

You should use social media platforms for promoting your hand-tied weft hair extension branding with a hand-tied weft hair extension private label. Using a hashtag can be useful.

Use banners both online and offline to show your existence in the market. Always your hand-tied weft hair extension private label while you do hand-tied weft hair extension branding.

What steps would you follow to customize your order for hand-tied weft extensions?

Make sure your custom your hand-tied weft hair extension with proper hand-tied weft hair extension branding. Decide a catchy but easy-to-pronounce name for your brand.

Put the focus on hand-tied weft hair extension private label with attention-grabbing detail. This should be in wherever you promote your hand-tied weft hair extension branding.

Hand tied hair extension packaging

While designing the packaging, a hand-tied weft hair extension private label should be in it. Design a classy logo and premium package to market the hand tied weft hair extensions.

Always include your brand information, contact details, email, and phone number in it so that customers can reach you to order from you. 

If you are willing to start a business in the hair industry as a hand-tied weft hair extension wholesaler, you need to find some good sources of hand-tied weft hair extension suppliers.

You can get in touch with the renowned brand Haneway as it is the hand-tied weft hair extension China-based manufacturer. Ask for quotes anytime online and make an order.

Haneway offers facilities like custom your hand-tied weft hair extensions as well as drop shipping. Delivering your order can become easier for you if you don’t have a warehouse.

 If you still have any questions, feel free to reach us and ask your queries. We will be delighted to guide you in your success. 






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