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Clip In Hair Extensions Wholesaler & Manufacturer in China

Haneway is an honest manufacturer of hair extensions and wigs in China. We offer both ODM & OEM services for salons, wholesalers, and distributors.

Clip In Hair Extensions Wholesaler & Manufacturer in China

Based in China,  Haneway is one of the professional Wholesale Clip In Hair Extensions manufacturers and focusing on providing high-quality clip-on hair extensions for many years. We can produce real promising high-quality clip-on hair extensions with different lengths, colors, and textures. We could also manufacture PU clip-on hair extensions, Lace clip-on hair extensions, one-piece clip-in hair extensions, clip bang, and so on.

Send us your need for your business, we will give you the best hair extension solution based on your detailed requirement.

one piece lace clip in hair extension

Volumizer one-piece lace hair extensions can add volume & gloss to your natural hair. 100% human hair made with different textures for your selection.

ombre clip on hair extension

Ombre regular clip in hair extensions is still popular for your customers who are money-saving oriented and prefer a speedy way to add fullness and color. Various colors and textures are available now in Haneway.

Fringe Bang

Clip bang is a good selection for your clients who need to add more thickness to their front bang without too much work. It is easy to apply and style.


also call seamless/invisible clip in hair extention. Comparing with traditional clip in, PU clip in hair extension is more comfortable wearing and invisible.

PU Clip In Hair Extension

Lace clip in hair extension can better stay on the head and provide your clients more control on their natural hair and the clip in.

ash brown clip

This type of clip in hair extension is a good options for your customer would like better value and efficient application.

Haneway: Your Reliable Clip In Hair Extensions Wholesaler & Manufacturer in China

Haneway is a China-based company with our own factory for years. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for all types of hair extensions and wigs, including regular clip in hair extension, Lace clip in hair extension, Seamless clip in hair extension, Clip bang, and so on.

Haneway extends showing their excellent services towards their clients. Being a fast-growing company providing hair extensions, you can choose any of our weft hair extensions that you may need for the success of your business.

For many years, Haneway is serving customers with our ability and experience in the clip-on hair extension manufacturing industry. You can tell the quality of products from the details.

Send us an inquiry now, we will sure to get back to you immediately.

clip in hair extension specification

Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Custom Clip In Hair Extensions to Skyrocket Your Business

  • #27 Wavy Clip on Hair Extension

    Besides straight and body wave, you also can get other different textures of clip in hair extension from Haneway.

  • clip in hair extension

    Regular clip-on hair extension is a good selection for your customers who prefer speedy and money-saving hair extension application way.

  • #1B_27 Afro Curly Clip on Hair Extension

    You also can find the good value of clip-on hair extensions from Haneway for your African market or American-African market.

  • #12 Clip on Hair Extension

    100% human hair made for your different options to fit your business need. Various colors, lengths, weights, textures available in Haneway.

  • #1b Clip on Hair Extension

    From the darkest color to light blonde, you can find any color combinations with different color effects like piano, ombre, balayage from Haneway. Consult us today!

  • P27/613 Micro Ring Hair Extension

    For your salon customers, you also can customize your owned high-quality Micro ring hair extensions in Haneway.

Wholesale Clip-In Hair Extensions- FAQ Guide

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions in the market. If you want to step into the business, start by selling wholesale clip-in hair extensions.
People are choosing it because it is convenient and easy to pull off any hairstyle instantly. The demand is high and you can get all the help from Haneway hair extensions for your business.
If you are wondering what to do and how to do then check out this wholesale clip-in hair extension FAQ guide and get the answers you are looking for.

What made you think to start selling clip-in hair extensions wholesale is a good business?

The current market is driven by various fashion trends and people tend to follow them. Styling hair is part of the trend and it is high demand for a few years.
If you are willing to step into the hair extension business then you can make a decent source of income through it. Once you start running the, you can have a good profit margin after some time.
Figure 1: Beautiful hairstyle
The market is expanding and consumers are loving good quality products. So, pair with a trustworthy hair extension manufacturer to get quality products at a reasonable price.
For a reliable manufacturer, you can count on Haneway as it is one of the best human hair-made clip hair extension manufacturers in China.

Why should you start a business for wholesale clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are popular among the beauty community. It is the easiest way to get a perfect length of hair instantly without any professional help.
There are many advantages of starting clip-in extensions that intensify the demand for hair extensions. Such as:
  • You can wear it anytime you want and take it off as well.
Figure 2: Implementing clip-in hair extension
  • Increase the length, volume, and fullness of your hair instantly.
  • Using human hair-made clip hair extensions is ideal for using heating instruments for pulling off different hairstyles.
  • It is easy to maintain and lasts longer as you don’t have to wear it at a stretch for a long time.
  • Perfect for those who love to try on different hairstyles or want to use them occasionally.
You can get the best quality 100% human hair made clip-in hair extensions from Haneway. You can get diversity in types and textures for clip-in hair extensions.

What are the initial steps to owning your clip-in hair extension brand?

As soon as you have decided to start a clip-in hair extension wholesale business, you need to do some vast research. You need to know everything that you are going to sell.
Start by researching the product such as the types and textures of clip-in hair extensions available and the best quality exist that you should buy from your suppliers like Haneway and sell.
Secondly, do market research and get all the necessary details about the existing market, like the buy and sell rate, target market, promotional activities, and so on.
Figure 3: Beautiful curly hairstyle
Then, learn the latest trends in clip-in hair extensions so you can cope with them and stock out products accordingly. Do the market analysis and get knowledge about the industry.
After that, generate your ideas to be unique so you can grab the attention of your target customers. Think about what new you can apply to drive mass attention towards you to increase your sales.

Do you need a business plan for selling wholesale clip-in hair extensions? What should you include?

Having a business plan is necessary for you to start a wholesale clip-in hair extension. It contains all the details so you can take possible steps right on time without being clueless.
There are some necessary points to include in your business plan, such as:
  • Determine the objectives of your clip-in hair extension business and set a goal to know where you want to see your business within a specific time frame.
  • Create a checklist while setting up the business so that you know which one to do when and what is remaining.
Figure 4: Create an effective business plan
  • Set your financial goal and be optimistic about it because there will be some constraints and you need to keep up with all of these.
  • Make a marketing plan and mention the promotional activities you will be applying and know the right time of doing that.
  • Keep track of your operations like if you want to sell both online and offline then you have to prepare it so there will be no lag behind.

Is it necessary to do market research for your wholesale clip-in hair extension business? Why?

Marketing is important for your wholesale clip-in hair extension business to get a clear idea of how you will pursue your passion in this industry.
It is critical to be successful and separate yourself in the industry, especially when there are many established businesses. This will help you to stand out in the crowd of many existing businesses.
Figure 5: Market research is necessary
Proper market research will also give you some ideas on how others are doing and what new you should do to make your business worthwhile. You can present uniquely your business.

How much money is in the wholesale clip-in hair extension business?

The exact figure of money required to establish your wholesale clip-in hair extension business cannot be determined.
It differs based on many things, including, hair type, your supplier, promotional tactics, appearance, and so on. Haneway can get you various types and textures of clip-in hair extensions.
Initially, you need to have at least $4000. You will need a space for rent, purchase some hair extensions, and decorate the space which will cost you around $1500.
Figure 6: Calculate how much money you would need
For the promotional activity, you have to spend at least $1000. There will be some other expenses regarding shipping and miscellaneous expanse which may cost you another $500.

What is the legal entity that you will need to establish your wholesale clip-in hair extension business?

If you are ready to start your wholesale clip-in hair extension business, you need to have legal entities as well. Get a trade license first to legalize your business structure.
Choose an insurance policy that will cover you and your business in case of any mishap and liability that occur during the operation of your business.
Figure 7: Prepare the legal documents
It is also necessary to have a trademark, copyright, and patent for your business and protect these documents as intellectual property.

Do you have a financial goal for your wholesale clip-in hair extension business? How will you attain that?

Setting up a financial goal for wholesale clip-in hair extensions is necessary. It gives you an overview of how you are going to invest it so make sure the goal is attainable.
You can start your business by taking a loan, getting an investor to invest, or involving a partner in the business. Whoever you take in your business, remember the risks.
Figure 8: Set financial goals for your business
You must make your wholesale clip-in hair extension business successful by spending the money wisely. Calculate the expenses of getting the hair extension, suppliers, and marketers.
Put on the inventory cost for stock products, payments for utility bills, and shipping charges. For a startup business, the promotional investment will be more at the beginning so remember it too.

Which target market are you expecting to grab? How will you promote your brand for that?

Evaluate your target market for your wholesale clip-in hair extension business by demographics, psychographics, and geographic measurements. It will help you identify who has the higher demand for hair extensions.
However, for selling clip-in hair extensions, you should target salons, spas, convenience stores, boutiques, as well as hair medicals. Target models, actresses, and influencers as well.
Figure 9: Promote to the target audience
Try different promotional activities to grab the attention of your target audiences. For starters, you can use local advertising. Utilize print media, digital media, social media, and billboards.
Organize fashion events or sponsor to promote your wholesale clip-in hair extension brand. Collaborate with influencers to promote your brand on social media.

What are your plans for selling and marketing your clip-in hair extensions wholesale?

As you are new in the business, you need to have a plan for sales and marketing for your wholesale clip-in hair extensions brand. Characterize the total feasible market to sell it.
To make it convenient, you can focus on some strategies:
  • Penetrate the market of clip-in hair extensions and make it viable by offering promotional discounts or may organize loyalty programs to increase sales. It helps especially when the market is competitive and you need a stronger market position.
Figure 10: Implement sales and marketing strategy
  • Expand business operations by utilizing human resources to increase fluency in service management and boost financial performance. You should consider your company resources, and make them competent enough to grab market opportunities.
  • Train your employees to build a customer good customer relationships so that they keep coming back to you. You can also create a loyal customer base by providing the best quality clip-in hair extensions.

How to recognize a trustable source to supply clip-in hair extensions for your business?

If you want to establish your wholesale clip-in hair extension business, you must find a trustable source or supplier. An only quality products can give you the ultimate success in your business.
For instance, Haneway is a widely known clip-in hair extension manufacturer and supplier across the globe. It is a reliable source that maintains top-notch service for its clients.
You can recognize a trustable source based on:
  • Check the reviews about the supplier and find out what are clients saying about your suppliers. Haneway holds a good customer reputation for the past 18 years.
Figure 11: Assure the quality of the hair
  • Good customer service is like a bridge between the supplier and the clients therefore Haneway strictly manages a team who provides support 24/7 effortlessly.
  • Customization is essential for clip-in hair extension businesses to meet the demands of your wholesale clients. Haneway understands and takes orders for customization as well.
  • Quality assurance is the key to the wholesale clip-in hair extension business. Therefore, you can trust Haneway as it is highly reputed for producing hair extensions made of natural human hair.
  • Research the products before finalizing your order from vendors to know the quality of the clip-in hair extensions is not compromised. Haneway imposes strict quality control measures in the manufacturing process and maintains international grade and color.

Does Haneway offer a tour of their factory for you?

Haneway holds expertise in manufacturing various types of hair extensions including clip-in hair extensions for the past 18 years and more.
To produce the best quality extensions Haneway only uses 100% natural human hair. To ensure the quality isn’t compromised you are suggested to pay a visit to the factory.
Figure 12: Clip-in hair extension
You can pay a visit to the manufacturing factory of Haneway in Juancheng, China any time you want. All you need is to book your flight to Xuchang or Qingdao directly and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Can you get different textures in clip-in hair extensions from Haneway?

Textures are an important feature for clip-in hair extensions. For your wholesale clip-in hair extension business you should have various types and textures in your stock.
Figure 13: Curly hair
From Haneway you can order:
  • Straight, Yaki straight, Italian Yaki,
  • Body Wave, Ocean Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave,
  • 12mm curl, natural wave, Spanish curl, water wave, curly, 6mm curl, 8mm curl,
  • Deep curly, Jerry curly, Kinky, afro kinky,
  • Fumi 1, Fumi 2, Fumi 3, and so on.

What is the minimum quantity that you can order from Haneway? What is the payment procedure?

From Haneway Hair Extension, you can order clip-in hair extension wholesale whenever you want via customer support service. You can also get quotes online.
The minimum quantity order is usually 1kg for a specific color and length. For in-stock products, there is no minimum quantity required.
Figure 14: Order any quantity
To order samples or small quantities, you need to make the full payment. For larger orders, you have to deposit T/T 30% deposit, and 70% before shipment.

What support can you get from Haneway to establish your clip-in hair extension business?

Haneway provides great support if you are establishing a wholesale clip-in hair extension business. You can get:
  • Private label service including customizing hair extension logo and package design
  • A wide range of clip-in hair extension product lines with types, textures, and colors
Figure 15 Get hair extension support
  • Strong production capability with more than 180 experienced workers
  • 24/7 customer support for any query to answer
  • Available hair accessories, tripod, mannequins, and so on to support your business

Is there anything else you would like to know?

Hope you have got all the answers that you need to know before starting your wholesale clip-in hair extension business.
If there is still something you need to know, Haneway got you covered. Leave a message anytime and get the answer instantly.
Get the best quality wholesale clip-in hair extensions from Haneway without any stress. Start your business with high-quality products and make yourself a renowned brand.
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