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Protect your business by partnering with the leading hair extension manufacturer in China, now distributing across the globe.

hand tied weft hair extension

A soft thin extension, offering the best in comfort thanks to delicate webbing and being hand braided.

flat weft hair extension

The least bulky option, making it an even better option than sew-in or machinery wefts.

machinery weft hair extension

A combination of advanced machinery and safe glue results in soft but strong extensions that won’t shed.

PU skin weft hair extension

A knotless weft ensures it’s not visible once it’s in place. Silk prevents PU from breaking if you do replacements.

Micro bead weft hair extension

The #1 option when a client with fine hair needs volume and secured attachment.

Ultra tip hair extension

Impress clients with reusable extensions that won’t become damaged.

I Tip Hair Extension

Help clients with thinning hair find the perfect solution. Each strand is applied separately and requires no glue or heat. Easy to remove.

V tip hair extension

You’ll find the hair tips bonded in a V-shape with the help of keratin. A flat, invisible extension that’s easily taken out.

Flat tip hair extension

Licensed stylists must apply these extensions that have quality keratin tips. Heat up the tip to mold it around the natural hair.

keratin hair extension

The name comes from the U-shape of the extension. Heat it in order to apply it to the hair.

micro ring hair

Instead of using a braid, heat, or glue, simply thread the extension in by using some of the natural hair.

nano ring

Compared with the micro ring, 90% smaller rings make them more discreet and easy to blend in with natural hair.

Soft Tip hair extension

Clients are guaranteed a secure fit and comfort and they work better for those with sensitive scalps.

Pu Clip In Hair Extension

A design that offers fewer visibility thanks to a seamless PU clip-on that will lie flat against the head.

Regular Clip In Hair Extension

Offer clients a product that’s easy to use. The weft contains tiny clips, making them simple to hide under your hair.

#27_613 tape on hair extension

A semi-permanent pre-taped hair extension product, containing 1 inch wide medical-grade adhesive.

injection tape on

The new product on today’s market! So easily hidden and lightweight. Hair just looks like growing out of the scalp.

micro tape on hair extension

Enjoy the ease of using the tape extensions are known for, while clients benefit from the flexibility.

halo hair extension

Avoid weaves, clips, glue, and tape but still, offer your clients length or volume. Halo is also a good choice for your client.

ponytail hair extension

The easy solution to provide your clients with a classic look that is trendy.

ziplox hair extension

Without using sewing, adhesive, weaves, tape or glue, you can offer clients accessories for more length and volume.

hair bulk

Give clients the opportunity to make their own custom weft hair extensions. Sell them a hair bundle containing no weft, so their creativity can run wild.

Fringe Bang

No need for clients to cut hair if they’re not sure if they want bangs. Simply add these clips for a new look.

full lace wig#6:613

We sell wigs of various sizes, to suit any client’s head. Types include lace front wigs, full lace and some others your clients will love.

Haneway—The Wholesale Hair Extension Manufacturer in China that Helps You Beat the Competition and Keep Clients Smiling

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, you need the best in the business on your side. After almost 20 years in the business, Haneway understands the market. We developed a supply chain that gives you exactly what you need to optimize your company’s outcomes, whether you’re managing a salon or running a wholesale business.

From Haneway you’re guaranteed:

  • All-in-one solutions: We produce hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, hair accessories, but also help our clients with many other popular products in these niches, such as false eyelashes, mannequins. Save time and money by using one vendor for all your needs.
  • Quality: We source quality hair and manage a manufacturing process that only delivers the best.
  • Product variety: From weft hair extensions to clip-ins and ponytail hair extensions, Haneway manufactures it all. Multiple colors and textures are available.
  • Service: We’re available 24/7 and provide expert advice based on our years of expertise.
  • Custom options: We help our clients build their businesses with innovative options, such as a private label service, packaging design, custom products, and drop shipping.

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on getting you the best products.

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Hair extension length guide

Wholesale Hair Extension- FAQ Guide

Hair extensions are standing at the pick because of the highest fashion trend to pull off different hairstyles. So, thinking about doing a business, you better start with wholesale hair extensions.

If you want to establish your brand as a whole hair extension business then it is high time. You can get any sort of help from Haneway Hair Extension for doing that.

As you are going to start over a new venture for wholesale hair extensions, there might be a lot of things you are wondering about. Go through this FAQ to guide you through the way.

Is it a good idea to start a wholesale hair extension business?

Hair extension is the easiest way to get extra length and volume instantly within your existing hairline. You can pick up any hairstyle for the upcoming event and give it a chance.

Due to various fashion trends, functions, and events, models and guests need to look unique and therefore they are more into hair extensions. This inspires others to get the look they want.

Figure 1: Blond hair extension

This makes the hair extension market trend where the demand is moving upwards. So, it is always a good idea to start a wholesale hair extension business now.

Hair extensions are becoming a popular commodity. Doing a business for wholesale hair extensions can help you create an opportunity to make money.

What types of hair extensions can you sell wholesale?

There are varieties of choices that you can take on for wholesale hair extensions. It is always better to get hair extensions made of 100% real human hair.

It is not only safe but also gives a natural blend with your original hair. Plus you can dye and style it just like your natural hair.

Figure 2: Types of hair extensions

For starting up a business as a wholesale hair extension, it is recommended to go for virgin, Remy, and non-Remy quality wigs, clip-in, tape-in, ponytail, weft, and closure or frontal style hair extensions.

Haneway is one of the largest human hair extension manufacturers in China. There you can get various textures, such as straight, Yaki, wave, curl, Fumi, and so on.

Which industries have the higher demand for hair extensions?

The global market for hair extensions is growing and it is expected to surpass around $19.12 billion by 2028. Anyone can use it for any reason from enhancing beauty to redefining an illness.

Hair extensions are highly in demand for personal use but the entertainment and fashion industry is at its peak. Movies and production houses are the largest groups that require wigs and extensions.

Figure 3: A model pulling a different hairstyle

It is also used for medications and anti-hair loss treatments. The people going through some medications are taking hair extensions for adopting their physical changes.

How much money do you need to invest in a hair extension business to earn profit?

To start a wholesale hair extension business, you need to spend money on various things. First, you need an inventory to keep all the hair safe and sound.

You can take it on rent but you will need to deposit some money at the beginning. The inventory should have insurance so you can have a backup if something bad happens.

Then you need to invest in marketing your brand to gain customers for your product. You have to utilize both online and offline methods and it will require a lot of money to grab attention.

Figure 4: Start a hair extension business

So, overall you will need to invest a minimum of $5,000 to $20,000 to cover all the expanse at the beginning. If you collaborate with fashion events or travel to the manufacturers and suppliers, the cost may increase.

Once you get started, you will have to pay shipping costs, utility bills, and staff expenses. So, it may be difficult to earn profit in the first couple of months as it requires time to build.

After 3 months, you will start gaining some profit. If everything runs successfully, maybe within a year you will gain at least $120,000 in revenue with a potential profit of a minimum of $80,000.

What are the steps to follow for starting a wholesale hair extension business?

To start a wholesale hair extension business, you need to have a full-proof plan to go along with it. Create your business plan for wholesale hair extension with the following steps:

  1. Know your target audience: Pay close attention to the needs of your potential customers regarding quality, color, type, etc. If possible, make a questionnaire and get the answers.
  2. Look for a reliable supplier: To grab the market, you should sell fine-quality hair extensions from reputed and trusted suppliers or manufacturers like Haneway.
  3. Get the finance: You can take your money to invest in your wholesale hair extension business or can get an investor. To get the finance, making a proper plan is important.

Figure 5: Make a proper business plan

  1. Proper business management: No matter how you are going to operate your business, make sure it is managed properly. Keep track of all the records and be organized.
  2. Create a goal: Your goal will define your pathway to earn revenue and profit so you need to walk along the road. Set a target for a year first and get started.

How will you promote your wholesale hair extension business?

If you are setting up a wholesale hair extension business, then you must need customers who will help you to get with proper marketing and promotion. Here are some tips:

  • As a newbie in the market, offer an introductory promotional offer. Give some discounts and gifts for the initial customers and gain confidence with your prompt service.
  • Visuals are important so you need to take some iconic photos of models wearing different colors and textures of hair extensions. Run some digital ads with these photos as well.
  • Organize an event to launch your business and invite guests from different genres, like models, actors, and social media influencers. Ask them to wear hair extensions from you and try different hairstyles and wear one yourself as well.

Figure 6: Promote your hair extension brand

  • Sponsor fashion or cultural events where you can showcase your brand with your private label. This is a good way to let know you exist to a bunch of your target clients.
  • Run some social media ads and post regularly from these platforms with exciting deals and infographics. This will help to grab attention and increase the rate of conversation.

Why do people need hair extensions from wholesale hair extensions suppliers?

Many stylists say that good-quality human hair extensions are a good solution for adding volume to hair. Moreover, people love trying something new and hair extensions can help to get that.

Figure 7: Matching hair extensions

Once extensions are only used in movies but now everyone opts for hair extensions to look different and unique. This makes extensions high on demand and wholesale business makes it affordable and available.

Wholesale hair extension suppliers have stock with a variety of brands, colors, and textures. So consumers can see and take the one they need according to their natural hair.

How would you know if you can trust your supplier?

When you are ready to start a wholesale hair extension business, you must know if you can trust your supplier. The good quality extension will help to establish your brand and keep your reputation intact.

Know more about your supplier through public reviews. You can learn a lot from what people are thinking about the brands. This way you can check their reliability and service.

It would be a great idea to visit the factory or warehouse of your suppliers and vendors to check the quality. Meantime, you could do a reliability test by asking questions regarding:

  • The hair quality
  • Making process
  • Collection of raw hair
  • Origin of the hair
  • Quality control

Figure 8: Various colors of hair extensions

Haneway is a renowned brand of hair extensions and one of the biggest manufacturers in China that will give you full support for settling your business.

Is wholesale hair extension a good business?

Becoming a part of the hair extension industry requires a lot of hard work as there are competitors who are already established in this industry or started before you.

It can be a good source of income as the market is evolving. If you can provide good quality hair extensions with extensive service, then you can reach your goal soon.

Figure 9: Beautiful model flaunting hairstyle

Though it is easy to earn profit while selling hair extensions. Collaborating with trusted hair extension manufacturers and suppliers and selling at comparatively reasonable prices will keep you on track.

Why should you choose Haneway for getting hair extensions?

Haneway is one of the best hair extension manufacturers and suppliers in China which has been operating for the past 17 years. Throughout this time they have earned reliability and popularity.

So far it has worked with more than 30 brands and distributed hair extensions to thousands of wholesalers, resellers, and trading companies. You should choose Haneway because:

  • With a wide range of hair extensions, wigs, and other accessories they have earned a good reputation among the companies in the market. It is the best place to find 100% real human hair extensions.
  • The production capability is strong with more than 180 experienced workers and monthly production of over 100 thousand bundles of hair extensions.
  • The strict quality control measures in the production process that maintains international hair grading standards and the color system has also helped it to reach the top.

Figure 10: Hair extensions by Haneway

Strong market support and high demand have helped Haneway to reach the top. So, you can trust it for your wholesale hair extension business as well.

What are the methods to order wholesale hair extensions from Haneway?

For wholesale hair extension supplies, you can contact Haneway and place your order. You can contact us online as customer service is open 24/7.

No matter the quantity or size, you can place your order and take the supply all at once. You can even get quotes by getting in touch with Haneway customer service.

Figure 11: Curl hairstyle

However, you can place your order by directly visiting the factory of Haneway in China. You can take a tour of the factory to see the full manufacturing process of hair extensions before you finalize your deal.

What kind of support can you get from Haneway to start your wholesale hair extension business?

Haneway will provide you with all the support that you will need to establish your wholesale hair extension business. You can order and get any type of hair extensions in stock.

Haneway manufactures and supplies hair extensions made of 100% real human hair. You can get clip-ins, tape-ins, keratin bonds, wefts, micro-ring, as well as wigs and hair toppers.

Figure 12: Curly hairstyle

Various textures of hair extensions are available, such as, straight, wave, curl, soft curl, body wave, Fumi, Remy, non-Remy, virgin, blonde, red, black, brown, and many more color, quality, and texture.

You can ask for a hair extension catalog online to see the entire product line and order whichever you want. If you need you can order hair accessories, a tripod, and mannequins as well.

Does Haneway offer a private label service?

To support newbie businesses for wholesale hair extensions, Haneway supports by offering private label service as well. If you want to get it done, you can ask for it.

Build your brand and customize the hair extensions however you want among plenty of options. Get a nice logo design and exclusive product design done by experienced designers.

Figure 13: Exclusive hair extension package design

You will receive your private label for your wholesale hair extension business from Haneway and receive the product and the packaging safely.

Can you get a drop shipping facility from Haneway?

You are new to the hair extension industry and might not have been able to have a warehouse so you may not be able to stock hair extensions. But you can still be ready for the business.

Haneway will help you in this regard by assisting you with your dropshipping business happily. It will make sure your client gets the product they ordered without an issue.

Figure 14: Receiving hair extension parcel

All you have to do is engage with the customer and give all the details to Haneway. It will ready your order right on time and will ship under your brand name and packaging.

What are the payment methods accepted in Haneway?

The payment method for hair extensions from Haneway is pretty simple. It requires you to pay full payment for a sample and small order.

For T/T hair extension order requires you to deposit 30% first and clear the rest of 70% of the payment before the big order is shipped.

Figure 15: Good quality human hair extension

To make sure you can rely upon Haneway, you will get still pictures and videos of the hair extension packaging for proof that it has been manufactured and sent.

For payment methods, Haneway accepts PayPal, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Western Union, Wire Transfer, etc. So, you can send your payment whichever is suitable for you.

Do you need to know anything else?

This article will be quite helpful for you if you are starting your wholesale hair extension business. It comprises all the information you would need when you are getting started.

Also, Haneway is here to give you all support. Just give me a message whenever you want about whatever you need to know.

Starting your wholesale hair extension business is now a step away. Build your career in the hair extension industry and start earning money with Haneway beside you to guide you through.



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