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Haneway is an honest and reliable manufacturer of hair extensions and wigs in China. We offer both ODM & OEM services for salons, wholesalers, and distributors.

Your Professional Wholesale Weave Hair Extension Manufacturer

Haneway is a professional manufacturer and supplier of weft hair extensions. We can deliver superior weft hair extension products to anywhere around the world through our excellent customer relationship and impeccable services. Haneway is the creator of all kinds of hair extensions depending on customers requirements. Tell us how your ideal weft hair extension looks like and we are glad to deliver all your weft hair extension needs.


hand tied weft hair extension

The hand-tied weft hair extension has delicate webbing made by hand braiding, it is soft, thin, and comfortable after put on the head. This had been one of the most popular types of weft hair extensions now.

flat weft hair extension

The flat weft hair extension is by far the thinnest weft for sew-in hair weaves and gets rid of bulkiness which is associated with sew-in weft and machinery weft. It also is called ribbon weft hair extension.

machinery weft hair extension

We use the latest 3 heads weft machine and healthy harmless glue to make the weft soft and comfortable, strong and no shedding. Machinery weft hair extensions are widely used in the USA and Africa markets.

PU skin weft hair extension

The PU skin weft hair extensions are knotless and neat, invisible after installation. PU with silk inside, preventing the PU broken during tape hair replacement.

Micro bead weft hair extension

Beaded weft hair extensions are great for women with fine hair who are looking for some additional volume. Try this for your business, which can bring your customer more options.

ombre weft 1b:4:27

100% human hair, a huge selection of weft hair extensions in many colors & shades to match your business perfectly. Contact us today to get your quote.

Haneway: Your Leading Wholesale Weave Hair Extension Manufacturer in China

Haneway is a China-based company with our own factory for years. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for hair extensions and also wigs.

Haneway extends showing their excellent services towards their clients. Being a fast-growing company providing hair extensions, you can choose any of our weft hair extensions that you may need for the success of your business.

For many years, Haneway is serving customers with our ability and experience in the weft hair extension manufacturing industry. We convey the most huge range of hair extension products and hair extension-related commodities.

Send us an inquiry now, we will sure to answer you immediately.

weft hair extension specification


Haneway Hair Extension Color Chart

color chart 2

color effect

Texture of Hair Extension

Hair extension length guide

Custom Weave Hair Extension to Skyrocket Your Business

  • 1b/99j weft hair extension

    1B/99J is a popular color for machine weft hair extension, especially for the American African market. You can add this to your stock for more selling.

  • Grey Color Weft Hair Extension

    Grey color is a super fashion color for weft hair extension, which is also a must for your retail store.

  • Frontal Lace Wig Kinky Curly

    Made of 100% human hair. Frontal/Full lace wig with different quality, lengths, textures available in our stock or customized for your need.

  • Lace Closure

    4*4 size lace closure has different parting including free part, middle part, and three parts to match your client’s need when using weft hair extension.

  • Lace Frontal

    13*4 or 13*4 lace frontal can be any color, texture, and length. All are produced base on what you need for your weft hair extension business.

Wholesale Weave Hair- FAQ Guide

Weave hair is a type of extension that is worn by sewing into natural hair that gives a natural look. It is in trend now so starting a wholesale weave hair business can be a profitable option.
You can get support for starting a wholesale weave hair extension business fromHaneway as it is one of the best weave hair extension manufacturers in China.
Starting a wholesale weave hair extension business can be stressful and you must be puzzled about where to start. To make your life a little easy, this FAQ guide will be helpful.

What is a weave hair extension? Why is it good for the wholesale weave hair business?

Weave hair is a type of permanent extension because it will be sewn to your natural hair. Once done, it will stay for quite a long time but you may need to redo it after 6 to 8 weeks.
If you choose 100% real human hair-made extensions then they will stay longer and will give you the luminous and silky experience just like your original hair.
Figure 1: Weave hair extensions
People love to be on trend and for that weave hair extension is a good option to start a wholesale business. It will remain in demand for various reasons, such as,
  • It doesn’t require harmful adhesive glue or heat on your hair to attach so your natural hairline remains healthy.
  • You need to put on a vertical braid to attach the weave hair extension to hold it for a long time.
  • It gives you the freedom to pick any style and color and take care of it just like your natural hair.
Haneway has a collection of all types of weave hair extensions and you can get your wholesale weave hair extension supply from them.

What are the different types of weaves you can bring for your wholesale business?

There are mainly two types of weave hair available; synthetic and human hair. If you want the most popular and effective solution, then human hair extension is the best.
There are various types of human hair weaves available that you can bring into your wholesale weave hair business:
  • Virgin hair: The weave is made by collecting natural human hair from a single donor, cuticles remain in the same direction, and have never been processed with the chemical.
Figure 2: Thick and strong hair
  • Remy hair: The weave is made from natural human hair which is collected from different donors, cuticles remain in the same direction, and may have washed and processed a little to look the same.
  • Non-Remy hair: The weave is made from natural human hair but the cuticles are faced differently and require processing to give a completely natural look.
Haneway is a trusted weave hair extension manufacturer that produces weave hair extensions all made from 100% natural human hair. You can get in touch to collect.

How big is the market for selling wholesale weave hair?

The current market for hair extensions is quite big and day by day it is expanding. It has been projected to grow by around 9% by 2028.
In 2022, the market had reached US$5 billion and is expected to reach US$8 by 2029. The rising demand is making a progress in the wholesale weave hair extension market.
Figure 3: Beautiful long hair
If you are thinking of starting a wholesale weave hair business, you must start doing it now. You can get Haneway hair extensions for all the support you need to establish the business.

Have you done the market analysis? Who are your target customers?

Market research is important for any business including wholesale weave hair extensions. It will help you to determine your target customers so that you can define your brand.
Women are your prime target for any age or complexion. If you pay close attention, you will see that most of them love to get weaved hair to change their look.
Figure 4: Long blond hair
You can target celebrities, actresses, stars, models, and influencers for selling wholesale weave hair. Some casting houses also need those to build a character.
Other than that, your target market is hair salons and spas, hair medicals, plaza hotels, and so on for selling wholesale weave hair extensions.

Did you research the competitors of the wholesale weave hair extension business?

Competitor research is another important thing that you must do before you start a wholesale weave hair extension business. It gives a clear idea about how they are doing it.
There is a lot of weave hair business that is already in the market and they are your competitors. You need to do some research on them and get ideas.’
Figure 5: Nice wavy hair
Proper research will give you many clues on how you can be unique. Also, their customers are your customers too so you need to be exclusive from them to grab attention.

How would you finance your wholesale weave hair business?

Financing your business is important. You need to decide first how you are going to establish your wholesale weave hair extension.
If you have to save that you can invest, it can be a good idea. You can invest all of it or take a bank loan or find an investor or franchise with another brand.
For a bank loan or to find an investor, you need to create a thorough business plan by making brief research from every perspective and giving them a killer pitch so that it gets approved.
Figure 6: Working women
Taking a franchise of another brand or getting a business partner can also be a good opportunity to learn a lot from a renowned brand and understand the business from a bigger fish.
You can discuss financing your business with Haneway to get an idea from a renowned hair extension business working for the past 18 years and more.

What is the associated cost for the wholesale weave hair business?

Starting a wholesale weave hair extension business requires a lot of money to invest and you need to keep track of all the associated costs for it.
Figure 7: Working woman
You need to set financial goals and work to reach them. Forecast all the expenses, for example,
  • Cost of wholesale weave extension supply
  • Legal and insurance expenses
  • Store rental fees and decoration costs
  • Marketing expenses
  • Website launching costs

 How will you sell your weave hair wholesale?

If you have decided to start your wholesale weave hair business, you must have decided how you are going to sell it. Initially, you can start by setting up your website and marketing it for sales.
It is a great option for the majority of people who wants to buy online to have the idea of wholesale weave hair extensions and choose from various options.
Figure 8: Treating hair at a salon
You can supply it to hair salons and spas as well as to hair medicals for wholesale weave hair. People tend to purchase from them and get it done under the same roof.
For selling wholesale weave hair extensions, B2B portals like Alibaba, DHgate, Global Sources, etc. can be a good option as well. Create an account, showcase your product, and make sales.

What are the marketing tactics for wholesale weave hair extensions?

An effective marketing plan can help your wholesale weave hair extension business to grow by generating sales and increased profit and revenue.
Create awareness with some modern marketing tactics, for example:
  • Create your social media presence and sponsor ads to grab the attention of the mass. Post regular updates, photos, and offers to keep your target audience alert.
  • Increase SEO by utilizing Google ads and optimizing target keywords to make it visible while searching your wholesale weave hair business.
  • Publish blogs and how-to guides and create YouTube videos about multiple topics and share those on your social media as well.
  • Collaborating with influencers, actresses, or models and letting them share reviews or mention your brand and weave hair extensions in their posts will give you better exposure.
  • Organize events and sponsor shows to let people know that your brand for wholesale weave hair extension exists and come to you.
Figure 9: A pretty hair model
You should also do some old-school marketing as well by:
  • Set billboard ads announcing your wholesale weave hair brand
  • Put banners and pamphlets within the perimeter of the hair salons and medicals
  • Publish ads in newspapers and magazines also helps to provide awareness

Which legal papers are mandatory to start the wholesale weave hair business?

While starting a wholesale weave hair business it is better that you should have all the legal papers ready so that there isn’t any complication afterward.
Figure 10: Working women
To set up your wholesale weave hair business, you must need:
  • Trade license
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Operational agreement
  • Federal Tax ID number
  • Insurance Policy
  • Employment Agreement

What are the qualities of a trustable wholesale weave hair extension manufacturer?

It is necessary to find a trustable vendor or supplier for your wholesale weave hair. You can get the products from wholesale weave hair manufacturers like Haneway.
You can determine if your vendor is trustable by examining a few things:
  • Quality control is the key for every weave hair extension manufacturer. For this, Haneway is strict to manage the grading and color of each hair piece according to the international standard.
  • A trustable weave hair extension manufacturer or supplier never compromises the quality of the product. Hence Haneway pays close attention to maintaining high-quality products.
Figure 11: Beautiful curly hairstyle
  • Check the reputation and track record of the wholesale weave hair supplier or manufacturer to know what people are saying about them. Haneway holds a strong reputation in the market to supply quality products.
  • Put trust in your wholesale weave hair vendor and make sure you can contact them for any information. However, Haneway has 24/7 online support service by a trained team so you can be in touch for any issue at any time.
  • Make sure your vendor provides you with customizing option which is important in the industry like hair extension because the necessity is different for every client. In Haneway, you can get the customizing option and get the product as you want.

How many types of weave hair extensions can you get for wholesale business?

To wholesale weave hair, you must choose the extensions made in real human hair, such as Virgin, Remy, or non-Remy. It gives the most beautiful texture that gives a natural look.
Figure 12: Nice curly hair
There are various textures available in Haneway for wholesale weave hair that you can choose from according to your client’s demand. Such as,
  • Straight, Yaki, Italian Yaki
  • Wave, body, ocean, loose, deep, water
  • Curly, deep, jerry, kinky, afro kinky, 12mm, 6mm, 8mm, Fumi, etc.

Is it necessary to have a private label to sell wholesale weave hair extensions? Will Haneway support you?

Private label is like your identity in the business. It is highly important to have the private label of your wholesale weave hair business to make your brand recognizable.
For the private label of your wholesale weave hair business, you need to have:
  • A brand name for your business. It should be easy to pronounce.
  • A logo that represents your business. It should be nice and sleek.
  • A package to deliver the weave hair extension. It should be classy and nice.
Figure 13: Designer woman
To get support in making a private label, you can get the service from Haneway to customize it for your wholesale weave hair business. Just select the name and give the idea for labels.
Haneway has a group of expert graphic designers who will help you in making the logo and package design according to your wish. You can choose the best-suited option among many.

How will you ship your orders for wholesale weave hair extensions? Can Haneway help you?

To ship your orders for wholesale weave hair extensions will need you to go through a process of packaging to shipping the order. While taking the order, let your client define the shipping address and contact details.
Take all the information, make the package ready for the order, and send it to a delivery service agency to ship the order. If you want, you can deliver from your company as well.
Figure 14: Lady with long hair
However, Haneway can help you to deliver your wholesale weave hair extensions to your clients via drop shipping. All you need is to give the details to Haneway and the rest will be taken care of by them.
The shipping charge depends on the hair weight and stock products in the Haneway warehouse. Haneway will ship your order with your brand name and information.

What is the process to order from Haneway? How can you pay for it?

The order process is pretty simple in Haneway. Contact customer service and let them know your requirements for wholesale weave hair extensions.
Give all the details regarding the quantity, length, color, texture, and variety. You can also order a sample in the same way.
Figure 15: Woman flaunting her hair
Once you have made all these clear, you will need to make the payment. For small or sample orders, you need to pay in full amount and for big orders, a 30% deposit is required for T/T and 70% before the shipment releases.

Any more questions?

This wholesale weave hair FAQ guide has almost all the answers that you must be looking for if you are completely new in the hair business and wants to step into this hair industry.
Hope you have got all the answers. If you still need some answers or want quotes about wholesale weave hair, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the details.
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